Friday, September 11, 2009

Google Analytics.

I JUST realized that I had set up this site with Google Analytics, probably a few months ago.

I checked up on it for the first time today, and was pretty pleased with the results. Most of my readers come here directly, and most of them are repeat readers. Hi guys! You are awesome.

I was a little disturbed by the "keywords" that bring people to my site, however.

I mean... one was "hysterical things"... and I'll give you that, especially with this mornings ricochet disaster.

But then there was "naked exes". "sunny with a chance of naked" "starving hysterical naked tattoo" (is there one?! I want it.)

And worst of all? "Naked boy scouts". Needless to say, naked boy scout searchers (it appears there were FOUR of them?) didn't find what they wanted here, and moved along.

Thanks to everyone else for sticking around :)

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