Wednesday, September 2, 2009

H&M Jeans.

Everyone has one... it could be a stuffed animal passed down to you by a relative, a quilt made specially for you, or even your high school prom dress. One of lifes little "security blankets", that you refuse to get rid of, even if they're only collecting dust.

Mine are my H&M jeans from high school.

I don't remember instantly loving them when I saw them on the rack, I simply bought them because they fit and had a super dark gray wash which I loved... but after a month, it was easy for me to see that I was going to LIVE in these jeans. I'm not skinny, and it's very difficult to buy jeans that fit in the waist AND leg-- usually larger waisted jeans have ridiculously wide thighs. But these somehow were PERFECT.
I really did LIVE in them. For my entire senior year of high school, freshman AND sophomore year of college, I wore these lovely jeans.

And then.. it started to happen. You big-thighed girls out there know what I'm talking about... the dreaded chub rub. In this case, my thighs were rubbing holes in the seams of the jeans. By the time I noticed, it was too late to save them.

I gave them to my mother in tears, who managed to (somehow!) sew them back together, without using a patch. but when I put them on, the fabric was gathered all wrong, and too small to get my leg into.

It's been 8 years since I bought those jeans, and I still refuse to give them up. I've even gone as far as to carry them into H&M demanding, "WHERE CAN I BUY THESE EXACT JEANS?!", but unfortunately no one has any idea. I keep them folded up in my closet, hoping that one day their un-ripped twin will... I dunno, somehow magically appear? It seems silly, but I just can't part with them! I would pay H&M BIG bucks just for a couple pairs of them.

Tell me about your favorite jeans!

(note: that photo doesn't do the jeans... or me... justice. talk about bad hair (and face!) day.)


Anonymous said...

Stop putting yourself down, you are GORGEOUS! :)

Danielle Elizabeth said...
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Eponine said...

Oh come on. If everyone is "beautiful" doesn't the word beautiful lose all meaning?

Let's be realistic, here.

Neither of you can deny that my hair looks like crap in that photo. I was between dye jobs and it was damaged, brittle and transparent! Plus the face I'm making isn't exactly pretty. But by saying that the photo doesn't do me justice, I'm actually not putting myself down, simply pointing out it's a bad photo.

(Which, hello, it is.)

Anonymous said...

It's about "beautiful" losing its relative meaning. You are beautiful because of who you are, not how you compare to others. Exposing your sense of self to outside influence makes you so much more vulnerable to insecurities. I really do think you're beautiful, Alison, and I wish you'd see it.

Anonymous said...

Learn how to take a compliment, jesus! Two people compliment you and you completely bash them. How about considering they were complimenting you in "general" vs about the specific pic?

Eponine said...

I wasn't bashing anyone, simply clarifying.