Sunday, October 18, 2009

Irritating superstitions.

So... most superstitions are just silly things that don't normally happen... like, don't walk under a ladder. How often is there actually a propped up ladder to walk under, anyway?

But there's one superstition that my mother recently introduced me to (yes, all my neurotic superstitions are inherited family traits) that I run into EVERY DAMN WEEK.

It is bad luck to sew on Sundays.

I would be much better off if I had never heard of this, because ALL my sewing used to be done on Sundays. Sunday is ALWAYS the day that I find myself sitting around going, "What should I be doing? Oh! I know, I'll sew." Sunday is the day I most typically have off.

And now, because of some bad juju, I'm afraid (yes, afraid) to sew on Sundays. Because don't I have ENOUGH bad luck? I can't just go around knowingly making it worse... what if something awful were to happen, and I had SEWN on that day? The Catholic Guilt (another inherited trait, I don't even consider myself Catholic) would eat me up inside.

The time has come for me to decide whether or not I'm going to let silly superstitions rule my life. I have sat idly by on many a Sunday with visions of dresses, purses and long, stripe-y gloves dancing in my head. I am getting NOTHING DONE. I must sew!

Are you ruled by superstitions? Have you had any odd coincidences that make you believe in them?

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