Sunday, November 15, 2009


It's amazing all the shit that I've managed to gather up in the 25 years of my life.

I was at my mom's house earlier today with some friends and found so much stuff I didn't even know I still had... letters, photos (we found my old photo book from all my dark room work in my first year of college!)... it was insane.

I've been trying to organize ALL of my writing in a neat and reasonable way... but damn, it's hard. I have an entire toybox filled with old notebooks and scraps of paper... and today we found a HUGE cardboard box full of more notebooks/scraps of paper that I didn't even know existed.

I was able to fill up one three ring binder with my "early" works. (Read: stories about my teddy bear, that eventually progressed to stories about actual people...! Watching my handwriting "grow up" was really cool.) There are still tons of notebooks left. Ugh, what a project.

But, some things never change. Out of everything I found, only 3 or 4 stories that were actually completed. The rest start off strong with good ideas, but then were just abandoned! No conclusion, or even any hasty notes scribbled down to remind me WHERE I WAS GOING with the story. Auuuugh.

I've been toying with the idea of compiling EVERYTHING and using a service like lulu to publish... for no reason besides I'd like to minimize my clutter, and having everything bound into one book would be perfect. (And I also love that lulu keeps your book in it's marketplace, so that if I ever misplaced my book, or godforbid there was a fire or something, I could simply order another one.)

My one fear is that there's something in lulu's fine print. If I publish through them for my own piece of mind, and then want to publish one of those works through another company... would I be able to? Is there some clause in the contract stating that I would be bound to them?

I don't have much of a legal brain when it comes to contracts, and for this reason alone, I've held off.


Danielle Elizabeth said...

It looks as though you can upload to Lulu without them reserving any kind of copyright on your content. Here's the link, and the information you're looking for is within #3, Content. :)

Eponine said...

Thanks!!! I will definitely look into publishing there once I can afford to, now that I know my work will still be my own :)