Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gripes Only:

-I spent $150 on a mattress and bedframe that wouldn't hurt your back, after spending $150 originally on a mattress and bedframe for "us". When I come home from work to find you sleeping on the couch... I'm going to be a little irritated. Not to mention, people sweat when they sleep. It's a lot easier to wash sheets then it is to clean an entire couch.

-I can't wait til everyone knows the truth about you.

-You ask me if there's a problem because I have a second job and I've been switching my schedule around. You ask me (for the second time) if I "want to work [there]". Well GEE. If you didn't boot me down to part time, schedule me only between 5-15 hours a week, AND take away all my benefits and vacation time, I wouldn't NEED another job.

-Did I mention that one of our employees is moving to another store, and they somehow feel that it is wise to HIRE SOMEONE ELSE??? When they can't afford to give us hours as it is? Ridiculous.

-I would like whatever computer system my debts are kept on to just... explode. Kablooey. Clean slate. Please.

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