Sunday, November 8, 2009

*phew* that's over with!

Today I worked my second shift alone at the portrait studio.

(Last night, I worked alone as well, but it was very low-key and I had everything under control.)

Today, I had two sits within 40 minutes of each other, which meant I had to be on top of everything! It was nerve wracking at points (like, when I couldn't figure out why a coupon code wasn't working, couldn't find the sales log, and then processed a separate sale before remembering to put a coupon code in)

I managed to get through the whole thing with only calling my boss once (to guide me when the coupon wasn't working) the help desk once (to cancel the first sale with the incorrect total) and a co-worker once (to find out where the damn sales log was!)

The pictures came out really well, and posing them wasn't as terribly hard as I had feared. People are open to suggestion, and also like coming up with ideas of their own. Plus, these are their children you're photographing. As long as the kids are smiling, not blinking, and you didn't chop off the top of their heads-- they're pretty much going to love the photo.

Everyone was very nice and understanding about everything, and all in all, it wasn't as horrible as I had feared. (Although I'll admit there were times that I was definitely sweating!)

Now that I know I can manage all this on my own, I'm sure to be more confident next time.

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