Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things my boss should have told me in training.

Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy working alone, as I'm able to operate effectively and I really am more confident and comfortable when there isn't someone breathing down my neck.

That being said, I was skeptical about this new job when the boss spend about 6 days training us (most of this time was spent doing computer modules) and then let us run the studio by ourselves.

I took very diligent notes during my training, figuring that I would need them later.

Here are things that I have NOT been taught, that keep coming up.

-I was told by a co-worker that my boss wanted me to vacuum tonight. No problem. Co-worker then left speedily. As I was performing the closing duties, I looked around for the vacuum and there wasn't one. Only a steam cleaner for the backdrops.

-We're never updated as to when the sales start/end. I sometimes come in to an empty studio and work alone all night, with absolutely no knowledge of what our current 'specials' are. I was asked by three different people today when certain sales end, & I couldn't give them a definite answer.

-The employees only room? The one I need to go into and drop off the key every night? My boss told me that there wasn't a code for the door. Which was great... until I found myself locked out. There is most definitely a code.

-When putting away the camera one day, I asked a co-worker where the lens cap was. She told me there wasn't one. I asked her if she was sure, telling her that it seemed strange. She assured me there wasn't one. Today I was told "make sure you're putting the lens cap on the camera...a few people who close haven't been doing it." *sigh*

-Why do I give you my schedule if you just continue to put me on for hours I'm working at my other job? I don't get it.

-I discovered today that not only do I not have the ability to transfer calls that have come to me in error, but I also don't have the actual MAIN store phone number written anywhere. So if someone calls me saying "Oh, I thought this was the number for the front store", I can't assist them by giving them the correct number.

-I have still not been trained on using the passport camera, nor do I know how prices run. I've had to turn away 2 separate families who needed passport pictures (no one else knows how to do them, either, only the manager.)

-I had to call the help desk on my own and figure out how to cancel a sale that was rung through mistakenly. (That was a total shot in the dark, but luckily it worked out!)

All and all, I love what I'm doing and the chance for creativity that my job gives me. I really love seeing the finish product, and the whole thing is a lot of fun. But the feeling that I don't have the required training to do my job WELL is aggravating. I hate having to shrug and say, "Sorry, I'm new... but the manager will be in tomorrow & she can answer your question."

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