Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Christmas Haul:

(a little late)

Considering my family set a $25 spending limit this year, I fared FAR better then I should have in the gift department.

All in all, I got...

-a gift card to the hair salon from my stepfather
-a gift card to the nail salon from my stepfather
-MakeUp Forever "Aqua Eyes" from my mother (it's supposed to be a really amazing, completely waterproof/smudgeproof black eyeliner. I'll tell you up front that it's CRAP.)
-Viva La Juicy perfume from my mother, to replace the old bottle that I had mysteriously lost
-A $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble from Jay, for a Quill and Ink set that I wanted. I was also able to get a coffee and a new notebook.
-Face lotion from Jay
-A variety of little lotions/body washes from Bath and Body Works from Jay

and, BEST of all...... a KINDLE! (from Jay)

The Kindle I have wanted forEVER, but considering it's price, I was resigned for having to save for it. I figured MAYBE in a year or so I would be able to afford it. I didn't even ask for it for Christmas.

It's just... amazing. Considering I'm trying my damnedest to be a minimalist, this was really the most perfect gift ever.

(This has actually lit quite a fire under me. I'll be taking my shoes to a used-clothing store, my old books to a used book store, and making a huge tax-deductible donation to Goodwill this weekend. I hope to have a much lighter bedroom/closet, and perhaps a slightly heavier wallet.)

All in all, Christmas was great. There was a bit of unpleasantness regarding a convenient store THIEF (whoops, I mean... cashier) who played a slight-of-hand game with a winning $100 lottery ticket... but I'll get more into that, later.

What did you get for Christmas?

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