Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goals For Next Year:

Instead of jumping on the usual bandwagon of New Years Resolutions, I'm going to simply post what I would like to have accomplished by this time next year.

Hopefully, I will pass all my classes this semester (I've fallen behind in a few of them, but I hope I can still squeak by) & will only have to take 2 more classes before graduation.

  • Work full time. Due to circumstances at work, me having my ideal 8-4 or 9-5 Monday through Friday shift is finally becoming a possibility.
  • Minimize my stuff and keep my apartment CLEAN. This was near impossible when I was working two jobs and going to school full time, but I'm hoping it will be easier come January.
  • Pay off some more bills. I intend on using my entire tax return to pay off at least one or 2 smaller credit card balances, and from there, plus the extra money coming in from finally getting a decent work schedule, I should be able to spare more per week to square down the rest of my debts.
  • Save "fun" money! I want to be able to run away to NYC, Boston, or even Florida for the weekend. I'm tired of having to forgo $60 Regina Spektor concerts that are only 30 miles away.
  • ULTIMATE TRIP ALERT: My next Christmas, I want to be able to go to NYC, skate at Rockefeller Center, see The Nutcracker (or the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show), and do other cliche NYC things. I've been trying to do this for YEARS but it's never came to fruition.
  • Publish something. Anything! I'm working on a Chapbook, but if that doesn't work, self-publish, if only to have my work in one place (bound up all nicely) and backed up!
  • Clean most of my old stuff out of my mom's house. I shouldn't have TWO houses full of crap! And so much of that stuff is just unnecessary!

What's your one-year plan?


Danielle Elizabeth said...

My one year goal is to get you to take me ice skating at Rockefeller with you! lol :P

~Gaz~ said...

Find a full time job, hopefully teaching related
Have Sean find a steady, full time job
Move the fuck out
Get married
Pay off some debt