Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not sexy.

(This entry is gross, and includes gross booger pictures. Consider yourself warned.)

I've spent the past few days since school has been out being decidedly NOT sexy.

Dirty hair, dirty yoga pants. Eating ice cream straight from the carton like a true American woman. Napping whenever possible.

None of this by choice, however. I've been miserable with a cold. Super sore throat, cloudy head, dry cough, froggy voice, & this weird kind of congestion I've never had before.

I would blow my nose a million times, but nothing would come up. I would cough and felt like I SHOULD be bringing something up, but I wasn't. You wouldn't know I was congested, except I was suddenly able to make this weird "purring" noise back in my sinuses, which is... well, not normal.

Today I got fed up. I was going to blow my nose... HARD.

What finally came out was so amazing I had to take a picture:
No, I didn't get a bottlecap out of my sinuses.. that was simply for reference.

That giant gross glob of mostly HARD snot came entirely out of my left nostril after one really hard blow. And now I'm happy to report that the LEFT side of my head feels pretty damn good, while my right still hurts.

(And the flash made the boogers look more bloody then they really were, so don't worry, I'm not nosebleed-city over here. )

Don't ask why I took a picture. I was partly proud of this weird thing my body had cooked up, and partly thought "If I don't take a picture no one will ever believe it was REALLY that big!"

Not that I go around bragging about my snot all the time... but... whatever.

I swear by the time I blog next I will be clean and healthy, and blog about far more interesting things then what comes out of my nose.

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mandy thwaites said...

Cartilage. Get checked. Do u have a deviated septum. Because that most likely is a piece of cartilage and not snot. See Dr. Ask for ears nose and throat specialist.