Monday, December 21, 2009

On a less gross note--

Do any of you lovely ladies out there have size 10, 11 or 12 feet?

I have two (maybe three...) pairs of shoes in my closet that I no longer wear.

Two are boots, one is a pair of (giant) platform Mary Janes.

One pair of boots I have worn only once-- I love them, and used to have a similar pair in a size 10, but I could only find them again in a 12, and figured... no biggie, at least they're not too small!

Wrong. I wore them only once like I said, to work, and after only a 4 hour shift of (barely) moving around in them, my muscles were very angry. And continued to be so for about a week.

Lesson? Buying shoes two sizes too big hurts, albeit hurts differently then buying them two sizes too small.

Anyway, if enough people are interested, I figured I'd host a blog give-away. These shoes are all in super condition, and I'm probably never going to wear them again.

Let me know, and I'll scrounge up some pictures to show you what you're dealing with :)


the Music of the Night said...

meme ememe ! I'm interested! lol...

Anonymous said...
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