Thursday, December 3, 2009

The shunning of Twilight

I tend to shun things that are immediately popular, and outrageously so.

Like, Harry Potter. I went for a good three years, I think, refusing to see the movie. Everyone told me I'd love it, but I stood my ground... until the third movie came out. I caught up on the first two, loved them, and ended up seeing the third one at a midnight show, dressed as Hermione.

Now... Twilight.

I am so skeptical of this one. Middle aged married women, drooling over teenage vampires? I mean... c'mon, what is this? It just sounds like a watered down romance novel that has the country addicted.

I decided that I would eventually read it, just to see what all the fuss was about.

But, after seeing this, I guess I no longer have to. :)


~Gaz~ said...

You're not missing much. As a romance novel for tweens it's OK. As a vampire story it's awful and has nothing to do with real vampires. Just remember it's a "vampire" story written by a Mormon who's never seen a vampire movie or read a vampire story. If you hoping for Lestat you'll be sorely disappointed. In this novel vampires aren't sexy, suave and a little egotistical. They're emo and sparkly.

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