Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn cleaning, job prospects, and more...

So, I've been tearing apart my closet and I set myself a new rule:

If I don't LOVE it, and it doesn't fit PERFECTLY-- out it goes.

I test the "fit" of something (i.e: pants) by putting them on and buttoning them, and then giving a little tug. If I'm able to pull the pants completely off without unbuttoning them? Out!

So I'm happy to report that this tactic has resulted in a huge pile of clothes that will be soon given to a friend of mine who has gained some baby-weight. And she in turn is giving me her old clothes. A new wardrobe for zero dollars?? Sounds awesome to me! I can't wait :)

I also went through my underwear drawer.. yikes! I had no idea I had so many bras/panties/pairs of tights that I absolutely HATE! Why do I keep them?! Out they go! (bye bye, hundreds of dollars worth of Victoria's Secret products...)

Oh my god, and... I tried on my high school, torn to bits, favorite EVER H&M jeans. Y'all know the ones I mean... and they FIT! For some reason, it didn't occur to me that since I dropped to a size 11, my highschool jeans might fit. But they DID. And I was so happy. But, unfortunately they are still ripped beyond wearing... otherwise, I'd live in them all over again!

I have a job interview today. It's for the portrait studio at Target, a job I have wanted (no lie) since 2002. I worked for Target as a cashier for 3 years, and during that time I ALWAYS lusted after working in the photo studio... but whenever I went to apply, they either weren't hiring, or it was only for seasonal work. But now, a good 7 years later, I have an interview!!! I am so stoked.

In other news, school totally sucks (I got a 56 on my Biology II test...the class average was a 65, and 11 students got a D. And yet, the teacher blames US.) but I'm pulling through. The Creative Writing class really is what gets me through the week!

Oh, and I somehow managed to eat an entire jar of peanut butter in a week. For some reason, ALL I want lately is peanut butter. I've been slathering it on bananas and apples like it's going out of style.

I dyed my hair a few days ago... I am officially a brunette again. It feels WEIRD after a good 5 years or so of being a redhead. It's as close as I could get to what (I think) my natural color is, so hopefully when it grows out, there won't be roots showing and I can stop with all this stupid expensive wasteful hair dyeing!

Off to get ready for my interview now. Everyone cross your fingers!!! I am so determined to get this one, it's not even funny.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Why does it seem that when I'm at my worst financially, yet working my hardest, that I can't turn off that part of me that... desires EVERYTHING?

I'll go for a very long time without buying myself anything... and then somehow my mind goes, "You DESERVE stuff! Look at how good you have been! Look how hard you have been working! You aced that test/worked an extra shift/had a bad day. You need to spoil yourself a little."

That inner voice can be VERY hard to ignore.

Granted, I am downsizing. An entire summer full of selling my belongings at tag sales has seen to this. My wants are all about minimizing, improving upon something I already have, or making my health better.

  • Bento box. (I ordered the cheapest one I could find on ebay. I decided that it would be easier for me to eat more healthy if I plan out my meals and pre-package them. And for some reason, my apartment has a Tupperware Monster (much like a Sock Monster that lives in a dryer.) so I'm hoping my Bento will be safe from harm.
  • This umbrella. Face it, it's adorable. And it folds up small. AND, I don't have an umbrella currently. (I drank my weight of vodka about a month ago and left my umbrella behind as I was carried out of a party)
  • This dress. I need a dress for my cousin's upcoming wedding... and this one would definitely become my new wear-all-the-time dress afterwards. I would throw out 4 dresses just to have this dress! I've been watching it on ebay for about 6 months now. I WILL own it some day.
  • This necklace. So, this really doesn't count as downsizing, and it's not functional... but it's something I've envisioned for a long time, and I really, really want it. It would also quickly become a wear-all-the-time item.
  • This blanket. I love Kim Casali and the entire "Love Is..." series. And yes, the last thing I
    "need" is another blanket... but I'd like to roll this one up and keep it in my suitcase. It would roll up very small, and double (and triple) as a towel and beach blanket.
  • A blackberry. It sounds silly to some people, but I really NEED mobile web and email. I'm waiting til I get a better job, though, seeing as the data charges are sure to kill me.
  • A Kindle. They're actually remarkably affordable, considering you can get free books from Amazon. I bought a CD with 95 classic books on it, and hopefully I can save the money to get a Kindle eventually. This will be VERY helpful when it comes to downsizing, seeing as I can get rid of almost ALL of my books, and all of my bookcases. The only ones I plan on keeping are my first-edition Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, and 2 books that were written (and autographed) by friends of mine.
  • A haircut. (Okay. This has nothing to do with downsizing and everything to do with my own vanity.)
  • A photobook. I made one last year when a friend and I went to NYC... but now I want to make one that includes all of my essential, favorite photographs-- including very old family photos. The idea is, if my other photos are in storage somewhere and they get wrecked, I will still have my favorite photos in a neatly bound little book, so I won't have to mourn too much. This project requires a scanner, which I don't have.
  • Really GREAT underwear. When I first got my Victoria's Secret charge card 3 (or so...?) years ago, my plan was to use the coupons they mailed out every month to buy one killer bra & panty set. Then, by the end of the year, I'd have an awesome underwear-drobe. But, the problem is... most of Victoria's Secret's stuff is NOT HOT. So I'm left with some pretty gnarly (and now, 3 year old!) unmentionables. Unfortunately, I don't know where to buy some really hot underthings. This requires some research.

Did I ever explain my desire to be able to live comfortably out of just one suitcase?

Actually, I don't think I really *can* explain it just yet, because I don't understand it quite myself. But there is a great "escapist" aspect of my personality, which makes me want to run away, or at the very least BE ABLE to run, at a moments notice. I feel like living out of a suitcase, while of course being quite strange, will offer me some comfort and consistency.

I'm strange, I know.

And broke. So these things will evade me for some time.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Luck, turning around?

I had my job interview today.

I don't really know how it went, as job interviews can be pretty misleading nowadays. It seemed to go well, but I don't expect too much.

After that, I got to school and found out they were giving out free food.

I got closer & realized they were blasting David Bowie.

I went to get some food & saw they had Veggie Burgers.

Then I grabbed THE LAST Free Diet Coke.

UM. Are you KIDDING ME? David Bowie AND free Diet Coke & Veggie Burgers? The only thing that could have been MORE awesome would have been... free sushi and pedicures. Seriously.

I hope this is a sign that my luck is turning around! It sure would be nice!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quick update...

My eyes are starting to close, so I thought I'd update quickly...

  • I have a job interview on Thursday. It's only part time, but it's something I *really* want to do... so I'm really excited & hoping I get it! I'm very tired of getting excited about a job and then crushed, though, so I'm trying not to get too pumped.
  • I'm in my 3rd week of classes at the moment, & so far I'm doing pretty well. I'm even able to keep up in Math, which I'm ecstatic about. In general, I have much more homework this semester then usual, so it's not easy.
  • The apartment is totally trashed, but I haven't had a spare second to clean! I've really got to get on that.. hopefully this weekend.
  • I don't watch awards shows (or TV at all, really), but after my facebook and twitter were inundated with comments about the Taylor Swift/KanYe West drama, I HAD to find some video clips. And while the interruption wasn't as terrible as everyone had made it sound, I was really touched by the way Beyonce handled the situation. To give up her moment in the spotlight (of which she has had plenty!) so that Taylor could give it another go was really sweet.
That's all!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Craft Show: Day 2

Today was a beautiful day... the sun was shining, for most of the day there was a light breeze.. it was nice out.

This increased foot traffic at the Craft Show by probably 90%.

This increased my total profits by.... oh. Zero dollars.

To top it all off, at various points during the day, that aforementioned "light breeze" turned into a gale, and I had to chase my paintings/business cards/what-have-you across the Green. And then I had to pack up my tent and... well... I might have broken it.

Did I mention it was my mom's tent, and she had been VERY hesitant to let me borrow it at all?

After that disaster was over, I went straight to McDonald's and had a small fry and a hot fudge sundae. I couldn't deal... I needed comfort food.

And the bitch at the window charged me 16 cents for Sweet & Sour sauce for my fries. I don't know why, but that REALLY burns me. Like.. it's fucking SAUCE. Are you gonna charge me for napkins next? I wanted to grab her by the throat & demand sauce... but I didn't. I just fished (slowly... out of protest) for 16 cents and then daydreamed about screaming at her until she cried.

Now I'm at home & I don't know what to do with myself. I should be cleaning, or doing homework, I guess.. but I don't know where to start as far as EITHER one of those go. Eh.

Soo... craft show, general verdict?


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Craft Show: Day 1


Talk about a major, catastrophic LET DOWN.

Today was awful. Jay & I got everything set up quickly and it looked great (despite not having quite as much stuff as everyone else-- some of these people must have been doing this for 20 years!). We then played the waiting game for THREE HOURS. (WHY list set up time as 7 AM if the show itself doesn't start until TEN?)

When people started rolling in, I was psyched and all smiles, piping out with cheery "hello!"'s whenever anyone stopped to peek at my goods.

But then I realized... that was ALL they were doing. Just peeking.

It began to get torturous. People would squeal over my earrings, picking them up and saying "Oh, I really should get these, these are adorable" or, "so-and-so would LOVE these!"-- but then putting them down and walking away.

And don't get me wrong-- my prices are reasonable. I checked around-- other tents were selling earrings for a whopping 24 bucks a pair-- mine go for a mere $6.

All day long, these peekers kept coming. Jay (who is a freakin awesome salesman) would try to get them involved in a conversation, but to no avail. They would just keep on walking.

At the end of the day, I had made a grand total of ZERO dollars.

(Now, if you're keeping track. The booth fee was $100, but they discounted mine to $50 since it was last minute. So I spent $50 just to sign up, and $50 on last minute supplies.)

So I'm $100 in the hole so far. I thought this was going to be a MAJOR money maker for me-- so far I am terribly wrong.

I'm going again tomorrow & hoping that since the weather is going to be better, maybe sales will be better. I'm not going to hold my breath.

If I don't make at least $50 to cancel out the booth fee, I am NEVER doing this crap again.


When my best friend Lauren and I found ourselves broke and unemployed one summer, we did the only thing two girls our age COULD do...

We drove our parent's cars, lived in our parents houses, and spent what little money they gave us on cigarettes and McDonalds. Nightly.

Oh, and we also didn't SLEEP. For DAYS. Our sleep schedules became crazy (we were waking up at 5 PM and hanging out until 6 AM, then doing it all over again) and we would once in awhile decide to "reset" ourselves-- by staying up until we could fall asleep at a normal hour.

This resulted in DELIRIUM. I will never forget one day when Lauren's mother insisted on taking us with her to the fabric store. We both hadn't slept in two days, but we went along. And let me tell you, it was ridiculous. We were wandering up and down aisles of fabric touching everything, pausing to stare at intricate weaves like we had just dropped acid. Lauren's mother was VERY worried about us, and although we assured her that we were simply exhausted, I'm not sure she ever believed us.


Tonight (today?!) I'm pulling my very first all-nighter since the Summer of All-Nighters. Even when school became somewhat demanding (usually around finals week!), I never had to resort to all-nighters. (In fact, I usually have a hard time staying up later then 2 AM.)

But today, I have a craft show that I have to set up for at 7 AM.

And, this craft show called me yesterday at 10 AM to tell me "We just had a cancellation. I know we put you on the waiting list [and swore we wouldn't be able to fit you in at all] but... come on down!"


So I've been gluing, molding, painting, signing, stickering... you name it... since I got out of work at 7 PM to NOW. Jay has been helping me with everything (seriously? the dude is a TROOPER. He's been great & I could not ask for anything more!) and now he's taking a 45 minute nap, before we haul our cookies to the site and set up.

I am going to require LOADS of coffee today. But I am SO pumped, and I hope I at least sell a few things so I can break even.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Google Analytics.

I JUST realized that I had set up this site with Google Analytics, probably a few months ago.

I checked up on it for the first time today, and was pretty pleased with the results. Most of my readers come here directly, and most of them are repeat readers. Hi guys! You are awesome.

I was a little disturbed by the "keywords" that bring people to my site, however.

I mean... one was "hysterical things"... and I'll give you that, especially with this mornings ricochet disaster.

But then there was "naked exes". "sunny with a chance of naked" "starving hysterical naked tattoo" (is there one?! I want it.)

And worst of all? "Naked boy scouts". Needless to say, naked boy scout searchers (it appears there were FOUR of them?) didn't find what they wanted here, and moved along.

Thanks to everyone else for sticking around :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bad morning!

I was up til 2 AM playing (and beating) Beatles Rock Band with Jay.

Unfortunately, this morning was NOT a good one.

First, I was dreaming that I was already at work-- so every time my alarm clock went off, I shut it off in my sleep and continued working.

When I finally jolted upright in bed, my clock said 8:57. GREAT, I had to be to work at 9.

I jumped up and immediately tried to put on whatever was nearby (I first tried to put on a pair of Jay's black pants, but eventually found a pair of black yoga pants that worked okay.). I rushed back over to the bed to grab my cell phone, (here's where it gets good!) and in my hurry, accidentally bashed my left ankle and foot as hard as you could possibly imagine onto the nice, sharp corner of our low-to-the-ground IKEA bed frame.

In immense pain, I yelled "FUCK!" which woke up Jay and had him asking, "What's wrong?"-- but I didn't have time to answer him, because the sheer pain of the strike to my ankle had sent me reeling-- right into the left wall. I hit the wall with a thud and yelled "FUCK!" in pain, again. He again asked what was wrong. But I couldn't answer THAT time either-- because I had ricocheted from the left wall into the RIGHT door frame, slamming my right shoulder against it with such force that I'm going to have a pretty sizable bruise!

I finally slowed down and stood, defeated and wounded, by the front door, where I could do nothing but grasp my ankle and my shoulder and repeat "FUCK! FUCK!" over and over again, before finally composing myself enough to walk to work.

(And wouldn't you know-- I managed to clock in at 9:01?)

The most graceful morning person you know,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

H&M Jeans.

Everyone has one... it could be a stuffed animal passed down to you by a relative, a quilt made specially for you, or even your high school prom dress. One of lifes little "security blankets", that you refuse to get rid of, even if they're only collecting dust.

Mine are my H&M jeans from high school.

I don't remember instantly loving them when I saw them on the rack, I simply bought them because they fit and had a super dark gray wash which I loved... but after a month, it was easy for me to see that I was going to LIVE in these jeans. I'm not skinny, and it's very difficult to buy jeans that fit in the waist AND leg-- usually larger waisted jeans have ridiculously wide thighs. But these somehow were PERFECT.
I really did LIVE in them. For my entire senior year of high school, freshman AND sophomore year of college, I wore these lovely jeans.

And then.. it started to happen. You big-thighed girls out there know what I'm talking about... the dreaded chub rub. In this case, my thighs were rubbing holes in the seams of the jeans. By the time I noticed, it was too late to save them.

I gave them to my mother in tears, who managed to (somehow!) sew them back together, without using a patch. but when I put them on, the fabric was gathered all wrong, and too small to get my leg into.

It's been 8 years since I bought those jeans, and I still refuse to give them up. I've even gone as far as to carry them into H&M demanding, "WHERE CAN I BUY THESE EXACT JEANS?!", but unfortunately no one has any idea. I keep them folded up in my closet, hoping that one day their un-ripped twin will... I dunno, somehow magically appear? It seems silly, but I just can't part with them! I would pay H&M BIG bucks just for a couple pairs of them.

Tell me about your favorite jeans!

(note: that photo doesn't do the jeans... or me... justice. talk about bad hair (and face!) day.)