Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And in other news...

For some reason I may not have financial aid this semester. They told me (today) that I have a past-due balance of $450. That is due... TODAY.

Lovely, that this is the first I hear of this. I usually have both financial aid AND a grant that pay for everything. I definitely don't just have $450 sitting around, and I have no way to come up with it before class starts on the 22nd.

I'm really hoping this is a mistake.

My job has also switched me to working nights now, which is the worst possible thing that they could have done to me. Example: Yesterday I woke up at noon, worked til 10, had dinner at 10 PM (SO bad for my body) and then stayed up til just after 2 PM. Because when you work til ten and then come home, it doesn't FEEL like time to go to sleep until 3 PM!

Today I slept til after 1 PM (GREAT.) got up and hung around in my pajamas doing some cleaning and making important phone calls. I'm going in to work for 5, so at 3:30, it's really too late to even think about going to the gym. I'll work til 10 again and eat dinner at 10 and do the whole thing all over again.

You know what this is going to lead to? 1) A poorly digested dinner that interrupts my sleep and helps pack on pounds 2) a TWELVE hour period of sleep 3) lack of exercise (before I was working til 3, 4 or 5 and then going straight to the gym) 4) Getting nothing done 5) DEPRESSION.

I'm so angry that my job cares so little about my health and wellness that they would do this to me. It's only been ONE day so far, but it's already fucked my body up. I worked SO HARD to get on a normal schedule, and now it's gone to shit. I want to SCREAM.

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