Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting my hopes up...

It's really too early to say exactly what is going on... but the boy & I have been talking about moving to New York City.

Up until yesterday, we had been discussing the possibilities of Boston... but then I got this fantastic course catalog in the mail for the School of Visual Arts in NYC... and really, if I'm going to do it, why not do it up? NYC is where the jobs will be, not Boston, and with SVA I could get an internship at NBC (Saturday Night Live!) or PBS (Sesame Street!) and who knows... maybe get my foot in the door.

We're going to NYC soon to scout out different neighborhoods, (Jay's never been to the more tourist-y parts of town and doesn't understand my obsession) so of course I am excited as all hell. This will be a ridiculously expensive endeavor, but I'm hoping that maybe we can figure out a way to either dorm together at the same school, or maybe make due in a super cute (but probably claustrophobic for Jay) microstudio.

Either way, this won't be happening until 2011, so I have some time to research colleges, figure out scholarships, financial aid, etc... and just be ridiculously hopeful and excited. I'll still apply at a few colleges in Boston (Emerson is still probably my best bet), but my heart is in New York!

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