Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today was supposed to be my day off.

I agreed to work 8-2, even though I had a ton of things to get done... figuring I'd have enough time to do them after work.

Except today also happens to be Jay's day off... and I did that stupid thing that I sometimes do. Instead of getting all my own shit done like I should, I come home and say "I have to do this, this, and this." and then WAIT for him to decide he wants to come with me.

(even when he says, "Oh, that's okay, you can go do that, and I'll stay here and start up the laundry." I still SIT ON MY ASS hoping he'll change his mind, but not actually saying, "You should change your mind, because I'm waiting for you.")

So today I turned around at 5 PM and the sun was going down. And all of a sudden I was PISSED. I had sat here for 3 hours waiting for him to change his mind, and I've wasted all of the sunlight.

I jump up and leave, irritated for silly reasons, and I get outside and clean off my car. (Keep in mind, it is NOT SNOWING at this point) As soon as I get the LAST snow-scraper full of snow off of my windshield... it suddenly turns into white-out conditions. My car is covered again, completely, in a matter of SECONDS. I was literally watching it happen.

Needless to say, it seems that I wasn't meant to get anything done today. Considering this was my only "DAY OFF" this week, I am ripshit. I am just SITTING HERE. I WANT TO GET OUT OF THE GODDAMN HOUSE AND I CAN'T EVEN SAFELY DRIVE DOWN THE STREET.

Fuck working on 'days off'. I need the money, but in hindsight I guess I should have said no.


Anonymous said...

Turning your irrational anger at your boyfriend (for not being able to read your mind) into hindsight that you shouldn't have worked on your day off. Logic, where fore art thou?

Eponine said...

You misunderstand. I wasn't angry at my boyfriend, I was angry at myself for not either speaking my mind, or getting off my ass earlier. Because of this, I ended up wasting time and not being able to finish my errands.

My logic lies in that if I hadn't worked on my day off, I would have had the entire day to finish my errands, and likely would have completed all of them well before the white-out snow started.

Sorry for the confusion.