Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's not eat things that will kill us.

I recently discovered that Splenda is terrible and awful for your body.

Considering I gave up sugar in my coffee, and have been trying to avoid sweets as well, (and Equal, Nutra-sweet and aspartame all cause cancer, among other things) I was worried and decided to do some research to see what an alternative, safe sweetener would be.

I eventually found (and bought) an acceptable sweetener-- but in my research, I also found some terrible and frightening things. It seems that NO FOOD is safe.

Grocery store eggs will kill you.

Grocery store milk will kill you.

Grocery store meat will kill you.

And, perhaps most disturbing to me, seeing as I only drink rice milk and don't eat meat--
SOYBEANS will kill you.

As of right now, I've bought coconut oil (you can use it for cooking, hair conditioner, and body/face lotion.) and the new, safe sweetener. I've contacted a woman near me who sells REAL free range eggs, and hopefully I can buy some from her in the future.

As for the soybeans, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. Ugh.

I think I may eventually end up living off of only vegetables and water.


the Music of the Night said...

soybeans will kill you? say what?

btw.. have you tried Almond Milk? it's delicious! wanna go with me to Whole Foods sometime? I love it there and they have some awesome stuff!

Eponine said...

I would love to go to Whole Foods, actually. I just found out yesterday that they accept EBT cards, so I'm dying to go!

Maybe next weekend if we aren't working?

Eponine said...

Oh, and I may have tried almond milk years ago, but I don't remember. I stopped drinking soymilk because of the estrogen, and now I stick to rice milk, but I'm not opposed to almond milk! It's probably REALLY high in protein, huh?