Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not Eating Things That Will Kill Me (part 1)

I spent way too much money at Whole Foods last week, trying to buy all "safe" things that are good for me.

I spent MUCH more then I had intended on-- $147-- but I came home happy. Here's what I bought, and my verdict:

  1. Himalayan rock salt in a salt grinder. It tastes just like salt, so I don't really have any complaints. I don't expect much from my salt, except to be salty. However, this website sings its praises.
  2. Nutritional Yeast. This is a flaky powder that can be added to virtually ANY recipe, and it provides a whole ton of vitamins. (Especially B-12, which is hard for vegetarians to get enough of.) As soon as I tried some, I recognized the taste-- my mother used to put it on popcorn when I was a kid. It's a very different taste, vaguely cheese-y, and I'm sure it would take some getting used to for other people. However, I like it and will be buying more.
  3. Kombucha. A girl I once new swore by this stuff as a weight-loss supplement/appetite stimulant, so I'd been looking to pick some up for quite awhile. It's marketed as a "cure-all" (the label claims it has anti-aging properties and also promotes a healthy digestion and immune system, just to name a few) but according to this website, not enough studies have been done to prove anything, and a few have even died from drinking the stuff. It was an interesting taste... slightly carbonated and slightly alcoholic (it is fermented, after all.) but mine had ginger in it, which almost instantly burned my throat. I'll have to drink it slowly. I didn't mind the taste, it reminded me of a fruity wine. Jay thought it was disgusting, claiming it tasted like vinegar. Maybe it did... I like vinegar.
  4. Acai juice. This "superfruit" is being billed as a "cure-all" just like Kombucha. As far as I can tell, no one has died from it yet-- and it has a much more pleasant taste. It's full of all kinds of Omegas... I'll definitely be buying more.
  5. 100% Coconut Water. I read somewhere that Coconut Water was "natures Gatorade", and that it was more hydrating then water. Sounded pretty good to me! I was eager to buy some for after I got out of the gym. My conclusion? GROSS. I'm not terribly picky, either. I tried this stuff twice, and I can't imagine actually chugging a glass of it... just a sip is off-putting. No, thank you. Too bad I bought two cartons.
  6. Falafel burritos. Organic and AWESOME. I hate that falafel is so hard to find around here-- I have to drive at least a half hour to get some.
  7. Organic pickles. They taste like pickles.
  8. Tofurkey. (The kind with the stuffing inside) My mom made this for me, and it's pretty good. I also bought peppered tofurkey lunch meat, which Jay said tastes like dog food. I don't mind it.
  9. Cultured Coconut Milk. (Also known as... 'yogurt'!) It was really good, and I will probably by it again. Strange how Coconut water is so nasty but Coconut Milk is good.
I did get some other things, but those were the things that mainly needed some review :)

(Also, I feel the need to write this down in case I forget... today I weighted in at 162 pounds. That's a total of 58 pounds lost since my Junior year of high school. YAY.)

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the Music of the Night said...

Nice! Yea I sorta broke my Whatever that K tea was at work.. it started dripping and smelled like vinegar. I haven't opened the second one yet.. Not sure how i feel about it. congrats on the weight Loss!!! Hopefully i can be so lucky haha