Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, school.

Things seem to have been worked out at school.

Apparently they now decided that they will NOT allow me to get a double major, and instead, they will "just this once" pay for the 2 math classes I need this and next semester.

So, good. Less work for me, then, which is excellent because the amount of concentration I will need to put into passing math is utterly ridiculous.

And... $125 for a USED math book? REALLY?

In other news, I just saw this on Fabulously Broke In The City 's blog, and it was too cool not to post. I never thought of pole dancing as such an acrobatic thing! Granted I've only been to one strip club in my life [and that was in Canada and the strippers had crabs...] ... but, still. I envy this woman's strength and flexibility! Amazing.

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