Sunday, January 31, 2010

The secret to beautiful, fuller lips... revealed!

Ladies, forget the collagen injections.

They're painful and addictive, not to mention lip injections are a surgery that often makes you look WORSE, not better, after your lips have healed.

(Meg Ryan and Lisa Rinna come to mind!)

For those of us who cringe at the thought of putting unnatural elements inside our bodies

(and also are none too fond of the pepper-filled "plumping" lip glosses, which tend to burn like the dickens)

but still want a shiny, plump pout... there IS a solution!

I have discovered, quite by accident in fact, a new breakthrough in cosmetic technology.

And now here you have it (and don't let anyone tell you anything different, you've heard it HERE first!) the natural, safe, beautiful, TEN SECOND CURE that will leave you with the lips you dream of!


1 comment:

Michael H. Lewis said...

I think you look just fine with the lips you have. No need to upgrade, dear. :-)