Friday, January 8, 2010

Stuck in resolution mode!

I can't turn off the whole "New Years Resolution" mode right now.

For years, I had declared that resolutions were dumb and pointless, so I didn't make them. Now, I'm apparently making up for lost time.

To recap, my 'resolutions' or goals (call them what you will) are as follows:

-Stay healthy. This includes not smoking (I've been a non-smoker for about 3 weeks now), not eating meat (fish is okay), greatly reducing my carb, dairy, and sugar intake (there's nothing I love more then bread, cheese and ice cream!) and working out (I've gone twice this week, and my stomach muscles already feel tighter!).

-Take better care of my teeth. Now that I've quit smoking, my wisdom teeth are getting infected again. Joy. Must brush and floss frequently, and use my chlorhexidine.

-Get a better job. The he-said-she-said bullshit drama at my current one is killing me. Better yet, start my "career". Yeah... I like the sound of that.

-Pay off as much debt as possible. (My entire tax return will go to this.)

-Minimize everything. Have fewer items, but more high-quality items.

-Keep the apartment clean.

-Read more. (I've already read 1 book so far this year, and I'm working on 2 more... so this is well on it's way to being accomplished.)

-Travel more. (I want to get to NYC to see SNL again this year.)

-Finish writing a book (I can do it.)

I had another resolution I wanted to add, but wouldn't you know I can't remember it now?

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