Saturday, February 27, 2010

We're goofy.

[We receive a company email alerting us to be careful on the drive home because Route blahblahblah is closed down due to a dumpster that is on fire.]

Friend/now co-worker: What's a dumpster doing in the middle of the highway?!
Me: Burning!

Stupidest joke ever, I know. But we cracked up. And then I went home and tried to explain the joke to Jay and I got hysterical again.

It's been an awesome week, guys. I feel so much lighter... it's amazing what a new job can do. I will update with full details as soon as I finish this last 1,000 word essay. I'm already finished with my reference letter and first essay! Woo hoo!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The strong silent type

I apologize for my silence around here lately.

I have a college application that must be postmarked by March 1st (which I didn't realize was just 9 days away...!) not to mention I start my new job on Monday AND have an audition on Wednesday and math homework to catch up on/get ahead in.

So, bare with me for a little while. I promise I'll be updating soon about my new job and educational endeavors.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm not exactly sure how well I'm doing by way of my yearly resolutions, but things kind of took off here all of a sudden.

I start my new job next week.
And I just applied for a REAL.LIFE.COLLEGE., that I would begin in September (which is before I graduate community college, but we're overlooking that for just a second, because it IS possible to transfer without having an Associates, a fact that I was unaware of until just recently...)

So, now is the mad dash to get my sleep schedule back to normal (as I type this at 12 PM, you can clearly see that it is not, in fact, working yet.) AND get a decent photography portfolio together. (Yes, this particular school is for photography, because, hi, I'm indecisive and I like about 80 million different things.)

I figure I'll worry about what school I actually want to go to once I get acceptance letters. Sound fair?

I should sleep now.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


SO, my big news?

I got a new job! I don't start for another two weeks, but I am tremendously excited and hopeful that this will remove me from the world of retail forever.

In the meantime, I will be glad to have an office to go to where I can work a full time and consistent schedule and no longer have to worry about who is stealing my hours, giving me the cold shoulder, or not doing their own damn job. No more 18 hour work weeks when I ask for full time. No more 4-10 schedule when I ask for 8-4. NO MORE $180 PAYCHECKS.

And there's Starbucks. And I get to keep my nose ring in. And after 4 PM I will be free to LIVE MY LIFE. No more of this constantly-working-can-you-come-in-on-your-day-off-someone-called-out shit.

I can't wait to start.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No news is (not) good news

No updates on the important stuff quite yet.

Worked a thirteen hour day yesterday. I've worked them before, but they were usually split between two jobs-- a morning shift at the pharmacy and a nighttime shift at the portrait studio, for example. This time, due to a co-worker being out with Swine Flu (or, is it back pain? Wait, now it's chest pain?) I worked both her shift and my own. No small task, considering how much I hate and am disrespected at the damn pharmacy.

Surprisingly, it went okay. It wasn't an 'easy' day by any means, but I wore comfortable shoes and no customers or coworkers flew off the handle at me, which makes all the difference.

I even helped a little old man figure out how to turn his new cell phone on and off. As a show of gratitude, he tried to teach me a coin trick. He wasn't able to, but I was amused nonetheless.

I have the next three days off, through no choice of my own. I am determined to do the following:
  • get some writing/editing done. I really need to just plop myself in a coffee shop and stay for a few hours, that's usually the best tactic.
  • if editing goes well, submit some more work to magazines.
  • get ahead on my math homework. I'm a bit behind right now, but I have the next three and a half hours to catch up.
  • GYM, GYM, GYM! I've been bad and skipped a whole week. I feel like a big lazy lump now, and I hope to go tonight, tomorrow and Thursday. (I just hope we don't get too much snow, snow greatly puts a damper on my motivation)

All for now... off to slave away at homework.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Big things are cooking on my end.

Wait, that sounds awful. It sounds like I have a butt disease.

Anyway. Seriously. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping and I will be back shortly with updates.

For any of you keeping track of my rejection letters, I have received five in total so far. The first one felt the best, by far. I'm only slightly discouraged, however, as I have a few short stories I am very excited about in the works. I just need to figure out how to get them on paper with the same pizazz that they have in my head.