Saturday, February 27, 2010

We're goofy.

[We receive a company email alerting us to be careful on the drive home because Route blahblahblah is closed down due to a dumpster that is on fire.]

Friend/now co-worker: What's a dumpster doing in the middle of the highway?!
Me: Burning!

Stupidest joke ever, I know. But we cracked up. And then I went home and tried to explain the joke to Jay and I got hysterical again.

It's been an awesome week, guys. I feel so much lighter... it's amazing what a new job can do. I will update with full details as soon as I finish this last 1,000 word essay. I'm already finished with my reference letter and first essay! Woo hoo!


eDITORcHRIS said...

I'm following now, saw you comment on Chelsea talks smack so I wanted 2 check ur blog. That banner is beautiful, btw!!

Eponine said...

Hi! Thanks and welcome :)