Sunday, March 14, 2010

Learning "real world" lessons the hard way.

Seeing as I've worked nothing but retail (excluding my stint as a shabbily dressed office manager back in 2007) my entire life, I have been able to get away with wearing fairly casual clothing to the work place. Usually I could get away with black jeans and a casual shirt, as most places had me wear a lab coat or apron over my clothing.

Because of this, I never really hassled too much over my laundry. It would pile up and I'd wash it when I had nearly nothing left to wear. I had no qualms about wearing the same pair of pants for a week straight--because who really cared? It's not like I was getting dirty or even sweaty at work. It seemed like a waste to throw my pants in the hamper after a measly four hour shift. So as I said, things piled up. I'd do a complete load of wash about every two or three weeks. (I should mention that I JUST counted my underwear and have over 32 doing laundry every three weeks is not as gross as it sounds!) I'd throw everything in the water together with some detergent and hope for the best. No weeding out the pesky "red shirt" in the load of whites...not separating like colors, or even fabrics. Just a big ol' melting pot of my wardrobe (and usually Jay's too.) tossed in together.

This always worked out fine, until this load.

Now that I have a "real, grown-up job", I've been doing laundry weekly. I don't have many pairs of dress pants or tons of dress shirts and I absolutely refuse to be 'that stinky new girl', so I will NOT wear anything twice.

Problem with this is, my new clothes don't exactly respond the same as my old clothes. My soft cream v-neck and my 'washable flannel' navy slacks apparently need to be kept apart when it comes to laundry day, because now I have WHITE FUZZ ALL OVER EVERYTHING.

Okay. Not all over "everything", but it's definitely making itself known. I need to attack several different articles of clothing with my lint roller and hope that helps. In the future, I will not be so lax with my laundry responsibilities. To be honest, I'd always wondered what the fuss was all about-- I don't even use bleach on my whites. But now I've learned my lesson. I might even look into dry-cleaning some of these articles.

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