Monday, March 8, 2010


The new job is going very well. I pretty much type my little hands off all day long, but I'm entertained by the phone calls I'm transcribing (I had a guy today who sounded exactly like Hank Hill) and the time passes fairly quickly.

In bad news, I didn't get the part in the play I auditioned for, but I wasn't entirely surprised. It was nice to push myself out of my comfort zone for a bit and try something different. There is another audition this weekend that I'm debating going out for, but I have plans that day so I may not.

In more bad news, a story I submitted got rejected by The New Yorker... BUT, a poem I submitted got accepted by (a much less well known) different magazine, AND I won honorable mention for it...which means I get $75. :)

I've also applied for two colleges so far, one in NYC and one in Boston. I'm slowly but surely working my way down the college list, but it's not easy when the application fees are so high, and unfortunately non-refundable.

(I mean, really. I'm paying you between $50 to $100 just to READ my paperwork? I understand that the money probably goes to important things, but if someone asked for $50 to read my resume, I'd call it a scam. )

In the meantime, I'm falling behind in math class due to being out sick last week. We cover SO much material in each class that I fear I'll need a tutor just to catch up. Off to trudge through some homework before class tomorrow. :( Not my idea of a fun night!

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