Friday, March 12, 2010

Thanks for the going away party!

(or: Why CVS has really outdone itself this time.)

((this is probably my longest blog ever. You have been warned))

I've bitched here countless times about "the pharmacy", always trying to keep it fairly anonymous. Well, I don't care anymore. Yeah, I workED for CVS.

Ready to read the BEST (worst?) "how I left my last job" story ever, that perfectly illustrates how FUCKED UP this CVS is? Get ready.

The scene: CVS, the beginning of this semester.

A co-worker ripped us off in a big way. She was fired and then subsequently rehired because she threatened to sue the company.

Because of this, CVS decided, "Oh, gee. You shouldn't have any say over your hours. We'll schedule you WHENEVER THE HELL WE WANT despite that your availability is from 9 to 5 only." They take my 9-5 shifts and give them to fired-then-rehired woman. I'm moved to working 4-10. Oh, and instead of working Monday through Friday? Now I only work three days a week.

Thank you, CVS. Because I can really survive on a measly $180 paycheck. (And that was if I was lucky.)

Anyway. So after all this, one day when the beginning of Spring semester was approaching, I said in an offhanded way to the woman who is doing the schedule, "Hey, don't forget I start class soon."

She replies with something along the lines of, "I know, that's why I've been giving you Thursdays off."

But there's a problem with this. My class is on TUESDAYS. She tells me I told her Thursdays, but although I am sure she is mistaken (I have other obligations on Thursdays, but not a class) I tell her that I will go home and double check my school schedule.

Sure enough, I was right and my class is on Tuesdays. I tell her that I've double-checked and that it's on Tuesday (I may have even apologized, although it was not my fault.). The mature way she responds? She gives me the silent treatment for two weeks. This is an employee that I work directly with, respected, trusted, not to mention whose company I sincerely enjoyed...and I get the silent treatment because of a slight schedule change.

Needless to say, because of this and the way I had been treated in the past by my boss, when I got a new job and needed to switch to a weekends-only schedule, I was terrified of telling them.

Instead, I compromised. One of the assistant managers for the front store had two cashiers from the front store who wanted to train in the pharmacy. I thought this would be a perfect way to soften the blow of me not being able to work during the week, so I took her aside. I told her how uncomfortable some of the people in the pharmacy make me feel, and mentioned (see, these are the key words here, I will repeat them) that I did not feel comfortable explaining this all to my boss or the scheduler. I knew I was doomed to endure accusations, red-faces, snide comments and the silent treatment all over again.

So I told the A.S.M my problem. She understood, and she had no problem delivering the news to them with the news about the girls up front to soften the blow. (Oh, hey, look, I repeated that twice too.) I told her I could only work Saturdays. She told me she would take care of it. I thanked her and left.

The next week I went to work like normal, and no one said anything about my new schedule. For a while, I wondered if the A.S.M had forgotten to tell them, but I was glad that people weren't being nasty to me as I had expected. I worked a full week. At the end of the week, the schedule came out and I was on it only on Saturday. Perfect! So she had told them and they had listened.

I came in and worked on Saturday like normal. I noticed then that I wasn't on the schedule for the week after that OR the week after that, and while I thought it was strange, it seemed like no big deal. I mean, they wouldn't just fire me for cutting my hours, right? And they wouldn't just fire me without some kind of notice?

Everyone that I spoke with there knew full well that I had switched to a weekends-only schedule. There was NO doubt or debate. I worked a new job during the week, and CVS on Saturday.

People kept texting me asking me to work times when I was at my new job. I kept texting them back saying, "Sorry, I only work weekends now." I met a coworker in a parking lot to buy a PS2 for Jay's birthday off of him, and he said to me, "I'll see you...wait, when will I see you again?" and I told him, "I only work Saturdays now, but I'll probably see you on Thursdays when I come in to get my paycheck."

Anyway, you get the point. It was COMMON KNOWLEDGE that I worked Saturdays only.

Yesterday I went in to get my paycheck and see if I was working next weekend. Mysteriously, I wasn't on the schedule for the next weekend either. (Oh, and hey! My paycheck has also been stolen. But that's a complaint for a later entry.) A co-worker heard my confusion with not being scheduled and later sent me a text message saying they needed to talk with me about it.

Other co-workers side of the story:

Come to find out, CVS is deliberately not scheduling me so that I "fall out" of the system. (If an employee doesn't work at least 1 shift every three weeks, the computer no longer recognizes them as an employee and they essentially disappear.) According to this co-worker, my boss was none too happy that I went to the A.S.M instead of him, and isn't scheduling me out of spite. He even was confronted and asked, "Aren't you going to tell her?" and he replied, "If she has a problem with her schedule, she can speak to me directly."

Sure, creep. Let's go in the office and have a little private chat, because I feel oh-so safe and content in your presence and would love to have a heart to heart.

So, like any pissed off employee, I went straight to the District Manager. I sent her an email asking if it was legal for CVS to simply "not schedule" people. Don't they either have to quit or be fired?

We had a conversation on the phone today where she told me basically that my other co-worker is lying to me to simply "make their workday more exciting" and that what really happened is that the A.S.M told my boss that I had given my 2 weeks notice. (A.K.A: quit.)

Note: I have NO reason to not trust this co-worker, and definitely do NOT think that they would lie to me for any reason.

But if that were true, I wouldn't be an employee there anymore, and guess what? I just called human resources and I'm still an active employee. It's been way more then two weeks since I spoke to the A.S.M. Nice try, district manager. Maybe you should have checked out the story before you regurgitated it back to me. Fact-checking was the first thing we learned in journalism class.

Also, I love how she mentions to me in our conversation that they have to be fair and 'give everyone the same treatment', yet she says, "(Boss) was trying to get in touch with you. He read me a text message he sent you but you didn't respond to it." Are you KIDDING me? He text messaged me once saying "call or stop by if you have a chance", and then later I got another text from a co-worker asking for my numbers (to do some store training thing). I figured it was the same damn reason he had been texting me, because... oh! Guess what?

We're NOT ALLOWED TO TEXT for "work related issues".

Oh, and again. Giving everyone the same treatment?

So then why, on my "last day" (if I really HAD given my two weeks notice, my last day would have been February 27th), wasn't there a "We'll Miss You" cake like there was for another co-worker on her last day?

Bullshit, CVS. But here's the bottom line:

I have worked for your company for three years while you have continuously screwed me over. I watched as you stole my vacation time away, canceled my health insurance, denied me sick time, and even cut my hours down to as little as five a week. (I was a full time employee, by the way. And at that time, I was also the sole breadwinner.) I've watched as you've turned a blind eye to some VERY questionable employee fraternization and employed people you've known to be thieves.

I've had enough. That's it. I refuse to play your games anymore, I really DO quit this time, but you've driven me to it. I'm sure it's what you wanted, so hurray for you. But be warned, your other techs don't type 90 words a minute with a 100% accuracy rate, that's for damn sure.

The end.


the Music of the Night said...

making it up to make my workday mroe excitign!? aRE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?????????

Hey, if you wanna keep your foot in the door, i'll gladly have something comeup like every other saturday i'm scheduled lol...

Eponine said...

Right? I know. So ridiculous.

At first I thought about striking some kind of deal like that, either with our store or KB's, but honestly, I've had more than enough of the drama and bullshit. For my own mental well being, enough is enough.

(Thank you, though.)

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