Monday, April 5, 2010

Classes that SHOULD exist in college.

The end of the semester is not far away, and I'm hopelessly lost and trying to catch up in math class. I've enlisted the help of a friend as a tutor, but even that was not enough to keep me up to speed.

Today I set aside the ENTIRE DAY for finishing up chapter four. I had planned on sitting down with my text book and reading and re-reading until this crap was so ingrained in my skull that there was no way I could fail.

I've spent four and a half hours so far, and what do I have to show for this? Maybe about 20 problems that are finished. No real greater grasp on anything (except maybe a bit of clarity on part 4.1).

This all makes me so mad. Why am I forced to learn all this math that I will never ever use again? There is no reason I will ever have to solve for x...and honestly, in the rare event that that MIGHT actually happen, I would find someone else to do it for me.

I just think that college math classes should be a little more real-world oriented. Teach me skills I'm actually going to USE, people!

A few examples of real world math classes:

-Check book balancing
-Tax filing
-Understanding interest rates, APR and finance charges (or: Credit cards and you.)
-401K and retirement funds
-Creating a manageable budget
-Tax, tipping and discounts (or: The American Consumer.)

I would be glad to learn any of those skills AND they would come up all the time in every day life. Teach us about loans-- subsidized versus unsubsidized...teach us about credit scores and ratings, how to buy cars and houses. What those charges on your cell phone bill REALLY mean.

Can you think of any other helpful "real world" math classes?


Anonymous said...

I fully endorse this product!!! Lol Those would all be helpful friggin classes! I can manage a budget to save my life! xx

Anonymous said...


Eponine said...

lol, that reminded me to look here:

We have 18 thumbs up :D

Anonymous said...

I teach some of those things as labs and my students can't do it because they can't figure out order of operations.


Eponine said...

Whoo, boy. Order of operations is one thing that I've certainly got down after a billion years of doing it.

Anonymous said...

18! haha we are so cool!!