Saturday, April 24, 2010


After about a year of NOT drinking, I am suddenly an incredible lightweight.

The good news? It's cheap as hell. I split a $4.99 bottle of Moscato with the boyfriend and I am having trouble typing. Yay.

In other news, things I cannot say to people:

-your child is ugly. I'm sorry. It's true.

-wow. now that you're skinny, I'm realizing how fat you WERE when I knew you before. you're beautiful now, though.

-WHO let temperance brennan wear that awful flowered shirt in episode...what, four...? of season one?

-oh god, please stop putting your face on the internet. Just...please. Please?

-it bothers me that you think im a shithead, even though you're the lowest of dirtbags.

I am a mean drunk tonight. Well, maybe not "mean", but quite judgmental.

I GAINED TEN POUNDS according to the scale at my mother's house. That is a lot of pounds. I must get back to the damn gym and start drinking my protein shakes again.

Bed now. Big yard sale tomorrow where I will hopefully raise tons of money, because that's what I need. Yaaay.

OH! Because I didn't mention...


Guess who'll be a new resident of NEW YORK CITY in the the fall?!?

That's right--it's me, bitches! :D

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