Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A review of a different sort

I have to admit, while I am an awesome vegetarian (aside from when places like to mix bacon into their salads with no warning... what the hell, Wendy's?) I would make a really crappy vegan. Although I've never been a big milk drinker, my desire for all things cheese, egg and ice cream pretty much nip any future I have as a vegan right in the bud.

This weekend my mother and I ventured to the (far away) realm of Whole Foods. While we were there, I decided to finally bite the bullet and pick up some cage free eggs. Usually, I buy the Land O' Lakes variety, but there's been so much confusion regarding eggs lately (are they cage free, free range, organic, or humane? Oh, but there are different KINDS of humane--what kind are they?) that I figured I should try something different. I crossed my fingers and, seeing as Whole Foods only stocked two kinds of cage-free eggs, I hoped that they had taken the guesswork out of this for me.

It seems that they had. Although the label on my Pete & Gerry's Platine Bleue eggs only says "cage free", I can see by googling that they are humane certified as well.

My verdict? The Platine Bleue eggs are pretty, to begin with. They're a light pastel shade. They hard-boiled pretty well and peeled much easier then your average supermarket egg. I couldn't tell a difference in the taste (I suppose it would've been obvious if I had actually had a normal supermarket egg to compare it to!) but I feel better knowing I'm not getting a mouthful of pesticides and antibiotics. Just eggs from healthy, happy chickens!

I probably won't be able to tell you how they taste fried, or scrambled, or anything like that (when cooking eggs myself, I'm strictly a hard-boiled girl. I'm sunny-side up where boyfriends or chefs are concerned). But they pass the test hard-boiled wise. I'll definitely buy them again.

Not only that, but they come from a small family run farm. So that's a bonus, too.

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the Music of the Night said...

oo whole foods! I need to go there again soon!