Sunday, May 30, 2010


See that purple magazine near the bottom right? That's Freshwater magazine (containing my poem!) on the shelf at Barnes & Noble! How freaking awesome is that?! I've been beaming all day.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I take that back.

Okay. Okay. I tore apart Netflix for a (semi) recent move with Victor Garber in it... First Wives Club, from...1996, I think it was.

And, yup. Definitely still finding him attractive. And even when he was screaming and angry in the movie, I was giggling because he just doesn't look anything but KIND to me. So strange. It's something about his lips and teeth! (I sound crazy, I know it. Someone else please watch one of his movies and get back to me on this.)

So I was thinking today about how I am like an octopus. Stay with me on this one!!! I really am like an octopus. I stretch out my tentacles in every direction all at the same time and just hope something sticks. For an example? Let's look at the things that are on the table right now:

-Working at my normal job
-Jewelry making
-Making clothes
(those last three have been almost entirely scrapped since my horror of an art show...but I still toy with the idea and know deep down that I should go back to it, and I likely will)
-Children's Television (right now I'm trying to start up something sort of...state of the art. It's a secret for now.)
-Getting into college (the loans aren't working out and it looks like I'll have to delay this for a whole 'nother year. Very upsetting.)
-Summer internship at PBS (so excited about this!)

And after watching Godspell (*cough* three times *cough*) I'm back on a huge musical theatre kick. I'll admit it, I was a big theatre geek in middle and high school. But the problem was, I never really had the talent to go along with the intense passion. So while I really REALLY would love to be involved... it's sort of painful.

Well, at least it was.

Since I'm likely not going off to NYC til NEXT September, I have an entire year to fill up. I'd like to do a musical. Just one. Even if I'm just in the ensemble like I always was, maybe with a line or two.

And who knows? Maybe now that I'm (sort of) past the awkward teenage stage, maybe I can (almost) hold a tune and (almost) not screw up a dance step. That'd be nice.

So here I am as always, spreading the tentacles.

Friday, May 21, 2010


So, about 12 years ago (YIKES) I was in the play Godspell. Although I always had an interest in seeing the movie, I could never find it in Blockbuster.

Recently I discovered they had it on Netflix, so I finally got to watch it.

And oh, my, God. ( my Jesus?)
I am suddenly obsessed with Victor Garber. This is like...what other women feel for Edward Cullen.

Only, I don't have two (three?) movies to watch over and over again, and books to read over and over again, because guess what? Victor Garber was in ONE movie at age 24, and then didn't do another one until he was 40. And judging by how cold current Victor Garber leaves me (sorry Vic, I'm not down with the DILF's. But at least you're not a GDILF.) I'm fairly certain 40 year old Victor Garber will not have the same effect as the 24 year old.

(Victor now, at age 61)

So for now I'm just watching Godspell over and over again. I'm kind of sneaking it in like it's an embarrassing addiction. Don't tell anyone.

(Note: This is a little weird even to me. I watched almost the entire movie without realizing how captivated he had me. And it's not like up to that point I would have even said that he was cute--but then I noticed something small about his smile or the curve of his teeth and then I couldn't unsee it. Something about his face just tells me that he's an extremely kind person. Which is funny because doesn't he always end up playing villains? Or am I wrong? I think I've only seen him in couple other movies.)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello, everyone!

I'm here, hello. See? My typing fingers still work.

My lack of blogging MAY have something to do with the fact that I type non-stop for 8 hours a day at work! But I swear I have not forgotten about you. As when I wrote last time, NYC and this college are still centrally occupying my thoughts. It's pretty hard to come up with good things to write about when all I can think is, "Am I going to be able to raise this money in time?" or "How long will it take to improve my credit enough to get loans?"

I'll tell you one thing, I really wish I had known exactly what I wanted to do as SOON as I graduated high school! It would have been nice to get a jump on things right away--at this rate, I MIGHT have a career by 35. When am I supposed to fit a husband and babies into that equation? Yikes. I'm trying not to think about the fact that I may actually have to give up one dream for another. Either way it will be sad. Let's hope I can have it all.

(Anyone know anything about freezing eggs?)

In other news (sort of) I got accepted for a summer internship at PBS. I don't know much about it (it starts in three weeks) but I am infinitely excited and hope this will lead to other opportunities!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Also, I apologize.

I realize I've fallen out of the (real) blogging world lately, but I'm completely consumed by this cause. I can't even THINK of anything else, much less write about it. I did go to an absolutely fantastic poetry festival today (and yesterday) though, and they've given me some new writing ideas. So hopefully I'll be constructing (real) sentences again soon, instead of video blogging all the time!

Hope you're all doing well, and happy mother's day (it's tomorrow, for all of those who let out a collective gasp of horror) to all you mom's out there! (And Molly at These Little Moments, who is going to BE a mom so soon that it's close enough, as far as I'm concerned!)

In which I continue to videoblog

...and beg for your help.

Having a pretty good hair day.