Saturday, May 22, 2010

I take that back.

Okay. Okay. I tore apart Netflix for a (semi) recent move with Victor Garber in it... First Wives Club, from...1996, I think it was.

And, yup. Definitely still finding him attractive. And even when he was screaming and angry in the movie, I was giggling because he just doesn't look anything but KIND to me. So strange. It's something about his lips and teeth! (I sound crazy, I know it. Someone else please watch one of his movies and get back to me on this.)

So I was thinking today about how I am like an octopus. Stay with me on this one!!! I really am like an octopus. I stretch out my tentacles in every direction all at the same time and just hope something sticks. For an example? Let's look at the things that are on the table right now:

-Working at my normal job
-Jewelry making
-Making clothes
(those last three have been almost entirely scrapped since my horror of an art show...but I still toy with the idea and know deep down that I should go back to it, and I likely will)
-Children's Television (right now I'm trying to start up something sort of...state of the art. It's a secret for now.)
-Getting into college (the loans aren't working out and it looks like I'll have to delay this for a whole 'nother year. Very upsetting.)
-Summer internship at PBS (so excited about this!)

And after watching Godspell (*cough* three times *cough*) I'm back on a huge musical theatre kick. I'll admit it, I was a big theatre geek in middle and high school. But the problem was, I never really had the talent to go along with the intense passion. So while I really REALLY would love to be involved... it's sort of painful.

Well, at least it was.

Since I'm likely not going off to NYC til NEXT September, I have an entire year to fill up. I'd like to do a musical. Just one. Even if I'm just in the ensemble like I always was, maybe with a line or two.

And who knows? Maybe now that I'm (sort of) past the awkward teenage stage, maybe I can (almost) hold a tune and (almost) not screw up a dance step. That'd be nice.

So here I am as always, spreading the tentacles.

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