Friday, May 21, 2010


So, about 12 years ago (YIKES) I was in the play Godspell. Although I always had an interest in seeing the movie, I could never find it in Blockbuster.

Recently I discovered they had it on Netflix, so I finally got to watch it.

And oh, my, God. ( my Jesus?)
I am suddenly obsessed with Victor Garber. This is like...what other women feel for Edward Cullen.

Only, I don't have two (three?) movies to watch over and over again, and books to read over and over again, because guess what? Victor Garber was in ONE movie at age 24, and then didn't do another one until he was 40. And judging by how cold current Victor Garber leaves me (sorry Vic, I'm not down with the DILF's. But at least you're not a GDILF.) I'm fairly certain 40 year old Victor Garber will not have the same effect as the 24 year old.

(Victor now, at age 61)

So for now I'm just watching Godspell over and over again. I'm kind of sneaking it in like it's an embarrassing addiction. Don't tell anyone.

(Note: This is a little weird even to me. I watched almost the entire movie without realizing how captivated he had me. And it's not like up to that point I would have even said that he was cute--but then I noticed something small about his smile or the curve of his teeth and then I couldn't unsee it. Something about his face just tells me that he's an extremely kind person. Which is funny because doesn't he always end up playing villains? Or am I wrong? I think I've only seen him in couple other movies.)


Danielle Elizabeth said...

Oh! He played Thomas Andrews in Titanic! hehe :)

Eponine said...

Wow, I just realized how many typos are in this post! Hahaha. And yes, that's him! I'm slightly obsessed, I must say. (Although a large portion of the internet thinks he's gay. Sad face for me.)