Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gifting yourself.

I'm sure I can't be the only person in the world who does this, but...

June is my birthday month.

As as such, I am excited about what to get myself.

Is that ridiculous? I mean, I would be excited about whatever Jay was going to get me, ordinarily. Except he dropped some MAJOR cash to take me to NYC very recently, and I considered that an early birthday present--because all I had originally planned to ask for was a weekend in NYC anyway!
(Us at the Seinfield/Suzanne Vega "Tom's Diner". Be slightly jealous. But only slightly.)

Anyway, this year is no different and I want to get myself something for my birthday. I'm salivating over a refurbished MacBook at the moment...saving my money and hoping someone doesn't snap it up before I can get to it! My old old laptop (Dell) is such a piece of crap it overheats if it's on more than a half hour, and I just recently discovered that my netbook is partially broken. It looks like the battery literally exploded. I'm still using it, but the battery won't work at all.


eDITORcHRIS said...

It's so amazing how most New Yorkers (like myself) don't take the time to visit these places. I'm in Queens and don't go to Cunningham Park and any of the cool places in Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, The Nanny and Coming to America LoL I hop on the train to go to Manhattan very rarely..even though two of my nephews go to9 school out there and two of my sisters work out there. I go gaga when I'm in the City and I see Dean & Deluca bcuz of the TV show Felicity..guess I'm a "tourist" *shrugs shoulders* lmbo
God bless !!!

Eponine said...

I am SO glad to hear that there is actually someone who lives in New York that is a tourist as well! So many new yorkers turn up their noses at all the incredible things the city has to offer.

I'm a tourist everywhere. And why not? I don't get how people can snub Times Square, hate on Broadway and bitch about 'tourist traps'. But maybe I only feel that way because I live in a small town. I may understand when I finally live in the city. :D

eDITORcHRIS said...

Exactly. And they're just lazy. I enjoy living up opportunities.

Once living here, the only thing you may notice a change in is how annoying the crowds, smoke/pollution and transportation system can suddenly become. It's kind of human nature to ignore little nuances when you're excited but eventually, when you've been in it long enough, you can't ignore it anymore.

Little Mel said...

I showed this pic to my mom and she freaked. She's kind of obsessed with the show and by kind of I mean they should probably invent a new disorder to put in the DSM-V cause of her.