Thursday, July 22, 2010

The first thing to go in a failing economy: Service.

When the economy first tanked and CVS felt the heat, they immediately cut down the pharmacy staff to WAY under what was needed to run sufficiently and effectively.

We all did our best, but we all commented on how customer service was going to suffer as a result of us being understaffed.

Recently I have had BEYOND terrible experiences with two major companies: HP and SafeLight Auto Glass.

A SafeLight technician scratched the hell out of the roof of my (LEASED!) car with their pane of glass. Someone came out to 'look at it' and then called me back once (during hours they knew I was working) and never called back again. Every time I call, I get a voicemail. I tried calling customer service, only to be told they'd be sure to have them call me the next day...which they did, AGAIN, during my work hours.

(My job is such where every second counts. I can't just step away to take a phone call. I could if I were a faster typist, but every time I get up from my desk I am literally costing myself money, which I refuse to do.)

Just before the 4th of July, I received a call from SafeLight. It was a young girl (not the manager who I had dealt with) and I explained to her that I could never get in touch with the manager due to my hours at work. She told me that SHE was the person who had been calling (which was totally not true.) and asked if I had the Monday following the 4th off of work. I told her that I did and she said she would call me back then.

She didn't.

I'm still waiting.

I suppose one day I may actually have a day off and remember to call them. But wouldn't it have been nice if they just called me back in a timely fashion within the time frame I suggested? I mean, this was THEIR fuck up. They should be falling all over themselves to fix this.


Ohhh, HP. This story is SO. MUCH. WORSE.

In January, I noticed that my HP netbook was getting very warm and nearly burning my lap. It was an inconvenience, so I emailed HP support (which is the only way I knew of contacting HP and the way I had done it in the past) and explained the problem.

First, they ran me through some hoops and a huge series of tests, all that I had trouble performing. Finally, they asked me to put in my (something something) CD-Rom.

Except I'm on a Netbook. And those typically do not have disc drives. So they told me that they would have to take my Netbook in to service it, and that they would call the next day.

They did, but it was while I was at work. The number that was on my caller ID rang back as being not in service. They never left a message or a return number, nor did they try to reach me more than once. After emailing them and missing more phone calls from them, I decided that I could deal with the heat. Plus, at the time I didn't have a backup computer. I gave up.

Now, fast forward to about 2 months ago. One day I unplug my Netbook to go into the other room, and *click* turns off. Hmm. That's odd. I'm sure it's been charging all day.

I check the cord. Plugged in. I check the battery.


Great. So I begin an chain of emails with HP support which spans a total of 2 months. They look something like this:

Me: Help, fix my laptop!
Them: I have escalated your case. You will receive a phone call in 72 hours.

(72 hours goes by. 96 hours goes by. 120 hours goes by.)
Me: Um...guys? No one called.
Them: Sorry. I have re-escalated your case. You will receive a phone call in 72 hours.

Repeat that last bit about THIRTY times, with me growing increasingly angry each time.

Finally, today a friend of mine sent me the phone number for HP support. Imagine that! A phone number! It's a wonder that none of the email support people sent me the phone number when I repeatedly said, "No one is calling me! Why don't you give me the right number and I'll call you?"

So today (A good two months after I first had an issue with my laptop) I actually spoke with a real person on the telephone! Unfortunately, she couldn't help me (I need to call back earlier, before supervisors have left for the day) but it was nice to finally speak to someone who could sympathize. Hopefully within the next couple days I'll be able to get my computer problems worked out! This has been UBER frustrating.

There is other new stuff in the works, but I can't type about anything for sure yet! Just hang in there, I'll be able to update within the next couple of weeks!


Little Mel said...

I had issues with JN Phillips technician, but their supervisor was at least helpful. The technician came out and replaced my windsheild. However he did not replace my fast lane transponder which I KNOW was on their since I had used it not 2 hours earlier. I thought maybe it was in my car, but no. I looked everywhere. When I told the tech this he told me that the transponder was not there and basically acted like it was not his problem. Luckily the manager offered to pay for a new one, but never had to since a new one was free.

My worst customer service experience have been with Verizon and Bank of America. Awful service, rude people, one person would tell you one thing and another would say another then they'd deny saying it. Definately my top two worst companies.

Little Mel said...

ps I passed this along to Michael W. I think it fits well with what his blog is used for. I hope it was ok? I can tell him to keep it annoymous