Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When life takes over...

Ugh, right. I have a blog.

Sorry about that, folks. My bad. I've been wrapped up in a life that isn't terribly exciting but is demanding, all the same.

Today I managed to slice my thumb open with an EGGSHELL. (Because I am talented)

I also stepped barefoot onto a piece of glass, but oddly enough THAT did not cut me.


Not much is new since I last wrote. Still doing the usual at work, having fun at my internship (although they're definitely not using me to my full potential) and trying to dig myself out of my debt pile. Some things (credit card debt) are faring better than others (past due rent), but we're working on it. It's all good.

I am extremely excited about one of my closest and bestest friends Katie coming up from Florida for a visit next week. I haven't seen her since I visited her in March of 2009, and lately we haven't been able to talk much, either. I'm sure we will have so much to catch each other up on that it will be difficult to figure out where to start!

I suppose that's all there is to report at the moment. I apologize for not being more exciting!

(To catch you all up from my previous entries: My birthday came and went and due to circumstances beyond my control that I would rather not discuss, I was unable to get myself anything for my birthday. BUT I have a Amazon gift card coming soon, thanks to, so I'll be able to get myself a little something soon! And I did have an awesome birthday get together with my nearest and dearest at The Cheesecake Factory!*)

*: YES! This means I crossed that off my bucket list! Next bucket list item to go? "Go to a drive-in movie"! I hope to do this really soon, now that I found one 45 minutes from my house. :D

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Little Mel said...

I love drive in movies. There is was in Northfield I think (it's on the border of western MA and NH) there is also one at Weirs Beach in Laconia