Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Constant Writer

So, I saw that movie A Constant Gardener a while back. And the way that you can absolutely tell that I don't care for a movie is that I don't remember ANYTHING about it, except for the title and maybe who was in it. (Ralph Fiennes? I think? That's definitely spelled wrong, but see, that's the point.)

A Constant Gardener was one of those movies.

Anyway. I am a constant writer. I'm 26 years old and I honestly must have gone through at least three five subject notebooks, if not more, every YEAR, for nearly every year of my life.

(And I'm not exaggerating, either. Sure, I wasn't filling these puppies up when I was ages 1-4, but I'm pretty sure I started filling them up at 5. You should read this shit...I mean, awesomely creative short stories about my teddy bear.)

I am very glad to have all this writing. It's amusing, and at times I find pieces that I can go over, re-work and even submit to magazines.

But OH MY GOD. Seriously, every time that I turn around there's another NOTEBOOK. Today I've gone through 20, just trying to see if I can throw anything OUT. I threw out ONE.

My big (huge) project now is to condense all this writing as much as possible. This is NOT going to be easy, especially with an 11 week old kitten who likes to attack my fingers as I type, sit on the keyboard and chase the mouse pointer about the screen. I may end up just hauling my butt to my college (which I'm not currently attending, but hopefully they won't mind...) computer lab and typing my buns off there.

They also have a photo scanner, which will be useful when it comes to my HUGE BOX of photos. (My second obsession after writing.)

I don't foresee this problem getting any better, however. I have to fight the urge to stop at Barnes and Noble for a new notebook and a latte EVERY DAY after work.


Little Mel said...

Have you ever read the blog "Hyperbole and a Half"

I think you'd like it!

Eponine said...

I love that blog! She cracks me up for hours.