Wednesday, September 1, 2010


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So as I sat in the allergist's office yesterday, I found myself pretty damn glad I have health insurance.

Because I mean, let's face it. I'm still young, so I'm fairly healthy. I quit smoking and I eat (somewhat) well. (Working on it, always working on it!) I don't really "need" doctors. And for the most part, they're full of shit. I've seen apple cider vinegar and a neti pot (not together, mind you) work wonders many more times than medication has.

But when I shelled out $15 for a check up and the woman behind me shelled out $25, I was pretty glad to have good insurance. Seeing as I've been unable to afford a HEPA filter or find anything holistic for my asthma/cat allergy as of yet.

They gave me some inhalers and the recommendation that I wash my kitten weekly, get allergy-free bedding (because surprise, I'm also VERY allergic to dust) and a HEPA filter. The inhalers have steroids in them so they work on my asthma and my allergy at the same time. So far I am slightly less miserable, so, yay.

Not much else is new, as my horrid allergies have literally been rendering me...well, lazy. (Don't underestimate the power of oxygen! When you're getting just a LITTLE less than usual, all you want to do is lounge around and watch TV. When you drive home all amped to work on your writing or clean your house or cook a gourmet dinner, and then you enter your home and suddenly lose all motivation? Well, I mean, in my case, it's definitely the lack of oxygen.)

I have, unfortunately, discovered a rather large downside to this town. Almost EVERYTHING of any interest to me closes at 3 PM! This sucks, as I am (still) not a morning person. Today I had an errand to run-- the dreaded trip to the DMV. So I left the house at around noon and brought my laptop. I told myself that after this dreaded trip, I'd treat myself to a coffee at a nearby cafe and get some writing work done. (Which is not easy at home when there's a kitten who constantly tries to climb on the keyboard and attack my power cord.)

So I pull up at 3:30, errand finished, ready for my coffee...and the sign in the window informs me they close at 3:00.

Seriously? WHO closes at THREE? Even in Europe places close down around lunchtime but then reopen. And in such a cute little artsy town like mine, don't they realize that people require coffee after THREE?

Ugh. I wish there was a Starbucks here instead. THEY understand my needs and stay open until 10:00.


Pissed Off Patient said...

Let me know if you find any good holistic asthma treatments.

I haven't seen any I would be willing to try vs. allopathic meds, but I keep looking.


Eponine said...

This is my favorite website:

I haven't tried any of these cures myself, though.

Eponine said...
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