Monday, October 25, 2010

And I could be just an idiot, but at least it don't bother me none

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am currently leasing this car:

Sexy, no? No, that's not actually my car or me driving, but you get the idea. But as lovely as this car is, I simply cannot afford to keep it. In truth, I cannot even afford it at the moment...but that's beside the point.

The point is, in December of 2011, I believe, my lease is up and the car goes back to the dealership.

Having no more car payments is a lovely idea. But being without a car? Not so much.

I honestly wouldn't mind at all if I didn't have an hour commute every day. I do not need a car for any other reason. I would be quite content tooling around town on the bicycle I posted previously. Yet, duty calls and I must get to work.

So, here's what I'm considering:

1) The hybrid. If I'm going to go into any more debt or spend the equivalent of a college education on any more cars, it's damn well going to be an eco-friendly, super fuel efficient, as-green-as-possible car. (I have even considered doing a conversion on an older model car to make it run on discarded cooking oil, like Jay Mankita's great Veggie Voyager Van!) Ideally, I absolutely do not want or need another car loan or lease payment.

2) The filled-with-personality, yet-completely-unpredictable clunker! This is a Dodge Aries, which was my first car. It was only four years younger than I was. I bought it from one of my bosses at Blockbuster for $500 and drove it for just under a year before it stranded me less than 500 feet from my second job. See, but "stranded" is not a word that I want to use often ever again, though. But, on the other hand...

3) HOW CUTE ARE THESE? I cannot help but want an older model car that I could make artsy (hello, super glue and random knicknacks! I've always wanted a decoupage car, ever since I used to see them in the city as a child). I really wish I had a really-good-mechanic friend who would constantly come to my rescue. It would make buying a "personality car" so much less frightening.

I do know that the rates to i.n.s.u.r.e leased cars are absolutely through the roof, so my thought is that with the money I save by buying a car for under $1,000 I could be putting it aside for repairs. Right?

(Except remember what I said about "saving" for a Macbook? Yeah. It just never works out that way.)

Anyway, I have some time to think about it, at least. We'll see what happens.

What is your "dream car"? Or are you like me and wish life would allow you to have only a bike?

(And how do you like the new blog lay out? I like it!)

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1 comment:

Little Mel said...

My dream car? Silver BMW Z3 Roadster. Always has been.

Of course that's all it will ever be. A dream.

I've always want to own a Honda CRV. I am for partial to Hondas.