Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Never underestimate my ability to have fun on a budget.

My friend Mary wanted to go to Six Flags this year, but I couldn't afford the full price tickets.

Then they went on sale, but I couldn't really afford the sale price tickets, either.

Then a lady at my office had three tickets she couldn't use this year. I snapped them up today for $10 a piece! (They retail for $42.99, I just checked.)

So that's how Mary, Jay and I are spending our Halloween. And here's what I dressed up like for work on Friday:
No one knew I was wearing a costume, and even once I explained who I was, no one got it. Can you guess? I'll give you some hints:

-I'm wearing Chuck Taylor's (not shown). And no, I'm not bi-curious.
-There is a curved scar on my cheek
-You're all nerds!
-I've found a hairstyle that works, as long as it's not too humid
-I should have never gone with a hippie to a second location.
-The shirt is a major hint. But you can't see it with the suit coat on. Muahahahaha. (Maybe I'll tell you.)

Anyone? (You aren't allowed to guess if you know me and I've already told you who I was!)

(Also, ironically, while wearing this outfit my cat decided to gauge my face. So now I have a fake scar on one side and a gash wound on the other. Awesome.)

Here's our caricature from Six Flags :D

What was your costume this year?


Little Mel said...

I wish I knew! I had 16 free passes and would have gladly given you a few!

Eponine said...

Aww, well thanks for that anyway! I didn't want to ask you for them since I knew you were trying to get a big group to go together and we wouldn't have been able to go on the same day. :)

Oh, well!

Mary said...

I still think the "family portrait" is hilarious!