Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lusty McLusterson

It's beautiful fall night outside right now. Cold, but not too cold for a short walk. Someone's using a woodburning stove, a scent which I absolutely adore and that screams "fall" to me.

I thought I'd share with you some of the items I am currently lusting over.Men's Schwinn Windwood Cruiser, $149.99 from Target.

I've wanted a vintage bicycle for years now, and after many unsuccessful searches on Craigslist (you want HOW MUCH?), I finally decided that a vintage-LOOK bicycle will be good enough. And this one's my favorite! I know it's a men's bike, but it's much more appealing aesthetically to me than the woman's version. I will add a basket and headlight on the front and ride it on weekends until it snows.

(Does anyone really know a lot about bikes? I'm wondering if there are any true reasons that I should "steer away" (pun intended) from getting a bicycle built for a male, like if my center of gravity would be off or anything of that nature.), $20

Who didn't play with Play-Doh as a kid? I still love the smell and also have been lusting over this cologne spray for a long time. I'll wear it when I'm feeling silly, playful and creative.
Kenzie Girl French Terry Romper
This one really burns me. I've wanted it so badly for YEARS and now it's sold out EVERYWHERE. I've even emailed the company in a desperate attempt to locate some backstock or factory defects, but they haven't responded. I just love it and I MUST own it some day.

Macbook Pro & iPhone
The Macbook Pro I've been "saving" for, for years. (read: putting some money aside, and then having an emergency come up and spending the Macbook money. Repeat times a million. That's what always happens when I try to "save" for anything!) The iPhone hasn't come to Verizon yet, so I'm still waiting for that one. My BlackBerry suffices in the meantime, but I am salavating over the many iPhone apps.

That's really all I can think of at the moment. I mostly have everything I want, I guess! Err...except a car...but that's a different post for a different day. (I'm currently leasing and my lease is up next year!)

Goodnight everyone!

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