Thursday, October 21, 2010

Moxie Crimefighter, and why days off are spoiling me

Wednesdays is normally my internship day, but lately they haven't been needing me. The chance to relax has been great--being up at 5 AM everyday for my hour long commute and then 10 hours of my mind numbling dull job (followed by coming home and freelancing, also mind numbingly dull, but with the added bonus of a cat that refuses to stay off the keyboard) has really been taking it's toll. Don't get my wrong, I love my job...but I'm just so tired lately!

Yesterday I "slept in" til 10:00 AM (this normally would be considered getting up early to me. I am NOT a morning person and would wake up gladly at noon every day if it was allowed) and today because of my adventure at the police department that ran late, I took the day off as well.

It's cold out and we just had a 5 minute downpour. I am snuggled up inside with my kitten and a mug of hot chocolate. I'm about to get to work on some freelance work, but I'd really rather repaint my bathroom and do some light cleaning.

These two relaxing days have made me realize that although my job is great, I REALLY wish I was able to work primarily from home. I don't like admitting this because I think I've always equated "work-from-home" with, "lazy", and I secretly fear that if I were to be my own boss, maybe I *would* get a little lazy.

I need to work hard to get myself out of debt. Once that's taken care of, maybe I can reduce my hours and take more time to myself. Hopefully that will be satisfactory.

Just in case anyone's wondering, this is what I wore today while fighting crime:I have this habit. Whenever someone compliments my outfit I always say, "I got it at [insert store name here]." If it was a really good deal, I say, "It was [insert dollar amount here]." So...

Dress: $2, thrifted (the crocheted neckline is my favorite part)
Sweater: my mom bought this for me when I was younger and I hated it, so she took it back and wore it herself. Now I've reclaimed it after probably ten years, so it's a sort of re-hand-me-down, I guess.
Leggings: $10, Victoria's Secret.
Shoes: (not pictured) $9.99, Payless.

So there you have it, a $22 outfit. Now, if only I had a $22 haircut. I need one SO BAD.


Danielle Elizabeth said...

Theres a flickr group called wardroberemix that I think you'd have a whole lot of fun with. :)

Eponine said...

lol, I love that you're reading my blog at work!

I just checked it out and it looks awesome! It's sort of like lookbook with the added bonus that not everyone is a size zero! Woo hoo!