Saturday, October 16, 2010

What's in your bag?

I love reading other people's "What's in your bag?" posts. It's like a little peek into people's personal lives that you aren't supposed to see!

This is my lovely Nine West bag. Now, the fact of the matter is, I am a total purse hoarder. I used to buy a new purse at least every month or two. But for some reason, this one has been with me for the long haul--at least a year now. This is unheard of, but I'm glad of it because I can't afford to be lusting over 'the perfect purse' every month like I used to. It was exhausting, space-consuming and expensive!

And there you have it! The contents of my purse. From left to right:

-Crappy sunglasses. I seem to have lost my Calvin Klein ones. I'm pouting about it.
-Blackberry, which I would be completely lost without.
-Flip Ultra HD
-Random Chinese food fortune. I can't even remember the last time I had Chinese food!
-Two inhalers, one for allergies/asthma and one "rescue" inhaler, for if I have a bad attack.
-Reusable shopping bag that zips up for convenient storage
-Black makeup bag
-2011 planner (I'm getting a jump on next year!)
-Recycled cherry blossom notebook. I love this because it's both good for the environment and completely feather-light and doesn't weigh down my bag. AND it's cherry blossoms. Love.
-Boring black wallet with no money in it.
-Silver flats. I picked these up in NYC before Dr. Scholl's made them commercially available. They have saved me from painful shoes a few times.
-Plaid netbook case.
-Thermacare heat pad.
-Mini Altoids
-Emergency tampon (does everyone else hide their girly products for these photo shoots? I've never seen them in anyone else's.)
-Mini toothbrush, dental floss and toothpaste

In truth, the contents of makeup bags are probably the most exciting to me. Here's mine:

Clinque Barely Makeup
Sephora waterproof mascara
Rosebud salve
Eyelash curler
Nail file
Biodegradable lens wipe
Sephora hair elastics
"Teddybear" Kabuki brush
NARS blush in Orgasm
Eyeliner in black and brown
Sephora lipgloss in Rusted Rose
Sephora eyeshadow
Benefit Erase Paste (this stuff is a godsend)!

And there you have it! The contents of my (clean) purse. It's probably far more exciting when it's slightly messy, but it would take days to describe everything that's in there when it's messy.


Little Mel said...

Out of curiosity how much did you pay for your flip ultra?

Eponine said...

I didn't have to pay for it...Jay got it for me for our third anniversary :)

But I think they're usually $100 and up, depending where you get them.

Little Mel said...

heh mine was it through TD Bank :) love it!

Eponine said...

I tried that promotion, too. I was unfortunately denied because I still owe Sovereign Bank and Webster bank about $200 in overdraft fees that were sooo not my fault. :(

Silly banks!

But it is a pretty great camera. I love that it's in HD! The quality is amazing.

Little Mel said...

Weird, I technically owe BOA money (though their CC dept) and they still let me do it.

and yes, I agree!