Friday, October 22, 2010

Dorks>Cool kids?

What's scary is I'm seeing this type of pattern among the "cool kids" from my middle school/high school days. Maybe not the open facial sores, but definitely a permanently strung-out look. (Not to mention, 3.5 children.)

It's sad. They seemed to have hit rock bottom and reformed, but something in their face tells me they just aren't the same after all the drugs. Their eyes are vacant, nostrils constantly flared (I am reminded of the fact that Stevie Nick's nose was destroyed from snorting crack.). Not to mention tough, leathery skin at only 26.

I spent way too much of my time at that age wishing I was one of the "cool kids" and trying to be "popular". I remember very clearly every September after summer vacation. I would face the first day of school with a new wardrobe and the hope, maybe THIS year things will be different.

But no! In the long run, my inner dork just came shining through, no matter how much I tried to kill it.

I'm glad, though. I mean, sure, I still like to be accepted and liked (who doesn't?) and I still want nothing more than to be thin and pretty (fighting a losing battle...) but I'm pretty glad to let my dork flag fly, most of the time.
(Me, exiting a vehicle upside down, circa 2005, in all my dork glory.)

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