Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love and stuff, with things attached.


So here we are, what, five days later? And Jay and I are back together. Love is hard work, people. It's not always perfect, and sometimes it's easy to lose sight of things. But in the long run, we love each other (I personally got a wake up call of a reminder about that one!) and we're sticking things out.

(On a side note, we need to learn to discuss and quarrel like a normal couple, and not just stew, let things blow up, break up and then regroup in 24 hours. The breaking up is exhausting and I feel very much like a high schooler sometimes.)

While I'm on the topic of love, I absolutely have to share with you this amazing dress!
It's from Cache and can be found here and while I absolutely cannot afford it (I saw it while browsing the mall with my mother a few weeks ago--she nearly fainted at the price tag), I am lusting over it in the worst way. I am hoping that my some Christmas miracle, the price is both reduced and I somehow come into a large sum of money.

Last Christmas, my mother surprised me with a cashmere argyle sweater that I had momentarily lusted over, and then put out of my mind completely. Apparently she had gone right back out to Macy's and picked it up for me. It was such a sweet gesture but I felt silly owning a $200 sweater. I knew that I'd be too afraid to mess it up, so I'd never wear I exchanged it (with her blessing, of course) for a great multitude of clearance dresses. I felt that was a much better use of the money.

THIS? This dress I would not mind one bit if she surprised me with it. She won't, as she has decided that we're not exchanging gifts this year due to the economy. BUT, if she did, I would not even bat an eyelash and not even consider returning it for a second!

(Um, so, I'm a size medium as far as that dress case you were wondering.) ;)

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imfortyish said...

So want to add this dress to my xmas list this year!