Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My take on this TSA mess...

(I don't usually take a stand on things like this. I don't like saying things that may make people angry, but THIS really makes me mad and I feel it needs to be said.)

I read a really lengthy blog post about someone who was (for lack of a better term) frisked during a TSA search and felt extremely violated.

I want to write that I understand, but I cannot. I want to be supportive and sympathetic, but I can't do even that.

Sure, you may be a white anglo-saxon female and look (and be) totally innocent. And hey, you may have even been traveling with children who were frisked in the same way. Your blood may be boiling that someone dared to touch your child 'there'.

Well, guess what? Consider yourself lucky. As far as being sexually violated goes, you got off pretty damn easy. Would you feel the need to be so soap-boxy if it was a family of Muslims who were subject to a cavity search? Because guess what? That's not exactly fair either--but it is done!

We can't assume that all terrorists are of ethnic decent. We can't assume all terrorists are of a certain age, gender, etc. Do you really think a terrorist wouldn't think to use a child (or an old woman, for that matter) to get a bomb aboard a plane? I am quite certain that they would.

This "frisking" is not a sexual crime. It's not being committed by power hungry, leering perverts. These are people in the service industry doing their job to assure security. YOUR security, and the security of your family. I understand that because you are innocent, this probably feels like nothing more than a pointless violation. But think for a second what would happen if they decided to slack on their job at the wrong moment--even if 'just once', they decide to let the innocent, hobbling old granny through.

And she's packed to the brim with explosives?

You should be thanking your TSA agents. I'm sure they don't want to be touching crotches any more than others want their crotches touched. They are doing this for everyone's safety.


Little Mel said...

apparently if you're under 12 you're not subject to pat down

Eponine said...

Ugh. Doesn't this seem counter productive? If I wanted to sneak a candy bar into a movie theater and I knew they wouldn't search my little brother, I'd give the damn candy bar to my little brother to hold.

(Assuming I had both a candy bar and a little brother, that is.)

They must think terrorists are stupid or something.