Tuesday, November 23, 2010


1. I was really excited to see the new Dr. Who-as-John Lennon TV movie...but then I read this article and suddenly had no desire to see it anymore. But still. I love John, and unlike most people I'm pretty sure I love Yoko too. She was a self-made woman long before it was proper for a woman to be such--and instead of being recognized for it, she was put through hell for "breaking up the Beatles", simply because she wasn't afraid to use her voice. And if you love John, but hate Yoko...I mean, John loved the shit out of that woman. You really have to at least respect that. (photo from theexaminer.com)
2. I LOVE this super cool Tim Burton-ish umbrella. The curvy shape is just too cute and feminine. If I went to the beach a lot (think Sweeney Todd) I would take this with me pretty much every time.
3. Serena Williams wristlet. I was originally in love with this in a pretty mustard color (it might sound weird, but it worked. I'm obsessed with mustard fabrics lately!) but it sold out. I guess I wasn't the only one who appreciated it! I've learned to sew rosettes so hopefully I can make one of my own soon.
4. Staring at Stars Paperbag Skirt. I love that this skirt walks a fine line between looking cool and looking like a gross old couch. It's definitely falling on the cool side, but it had better watch itself. Paired with the wrong cardigan and it's all downhill from there!5. HAWKS by Geren Ford Lace Tux Dress. I love both the color and the bib front on this dress. (Bibs are the next thing I need to learn how to sew, but I've had zero luck finding a tutorial that isn't for an *infant* bib.)

I've been drooling over just about everything at urbanoutfitters.com for days now. I could show you everything I really liked but we'd be here all day.

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