Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Revisiting the past year

I know the year isn't quite over yet, but I stumbled across my "New Years Resolutions" that I had posted online last year, and thought I'd take a look at how I had measured up.

-Quitting smoking: Done it, cold turkey! I had a point where I kept an "emergency pack" to smoke when I was having a particularly rough day, but that didn't last too long. It definitely helps tremendously that Jay has quit smoking as well. No one to bum smokes off of! Sometimes, when things get really bad (rare), I really wish I had a smoke--but I refuse to buy them now. That helps.

-Becoming a vegetarian*: Did it as of November 2009, actually. It's been pretty difficult finding foods that are okay to eat (everything has "surprise" meat in it! Most soups--even "vegetable" are made with meat stock! Not to mention gelatin in yogurt!) but I feel so much better and more healthy because of it! (And only really feel deprived when I smell bacon.) The thought of ingesting all the hormones and everything makes me ill. (In a related note, I also gave up milk for the most part. But not cheese. Never cheese.)

-Joining the gym: I joined the gym in December '09. Went religiously for a while and felt pretty damn good...but then I started my new job and my free time became non-existent. I kept it up for a while, but eventually got sick and took a week off. After that, I kept telling myself I'd go back...but then we got a kitten, and I simply couldn't work a 10 hour day with a 2 hour commute AND go to the gym. Twelve hours with no kitten chow is just too long!

-Keeping the apartment tidy: Er. So, we have a new apartment now and have reduced our belongings down by more than half. But, the new apartment doesn't have ANY closet or storage space. So...yeah. It's still a work in progress. But at least we have less stuff.

-Downsize my belongings: Ah ha! See last question. I've done pretty well with this. Got rid of all of my books (except for the autographed ones) and most of my DVDs. Now when I get a new DVD I throw out the case and keep it in a multi-case. Barely takes up any room!

-Paying off my debt: As I mentioned previously, I've managed to bring my credit score up from "very poor" to "poor". It's not a huge difference, but it's a process. I only have one creditor calling me currently, which is a nice change from the 4-7 I had calling last year.

-Reading more: Hmm. Nope. I started out very strong at the beginning of the year, but I cannot remember the last book I read. It's been a long time.

-Finishing school: Nope.

-Finding a good college for 2011: Well, I got accepted at SVA. It's up in the air at the moment due to being prohibitively expensive. I am investigating another much more frugal and responsible option next weekend. (Although it breaks my heart to be even considering something that isn't New York!)

-Getting published: My poem, P.S., was published and won Honorable Mention ($75 for me! woo hoo!) in Freshwater Poetry Festival. So far nothing else has been accepted anywhere else, but I keep trying. I have six pieces out at the moment, and I have a good feeling. Something's gotta stick, it's about time.

Wow. All in all, I seem to have done really well (and all without referring back to this list--ever--so I guess these were things I had drilled into my head pretty solidly!).

I'll have to sit down and figure out what I want 2012 to bring for me. More of the same, of course, but I know there are some specific other areas I can improve upon.

How'd you do with your New Years resolutions?

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(* when I say "vegetarian", I really mean pescatarian. I never use that term, even though that's what I am. I know a lot of people probably don't know what it means, and I don't want to confuse/alienate anyone, nor do I want to have to explain myself countless times)


Little Mel said...

I am not too crazy about New Year Resolutions. I feel if you want to change something you should wait until a certain date. Plus, I am a person that if I set resolutions and don't follow through I will get very down on myself.

However, I still make them. Maybe I will post a resolution post for 2011.

Also, you should check out the vegetarian food fest in Boston over the summer. They have really yummy stuff! I even found a lot of vegan food that was great!

Eponine said...

I feel the same way. I usually don't call them "resolutions"...it's just kind of a general bettering of one's self (which should be going on constantly, anyway!)

I actually became a vegetarian in November, so it might not really count as "new years" :)

Little Mel said...

arg, shouldn't, not should.

and yes. I agree ^_^

Little Mel said...

oh and I am glad I had some part in you joining a gym :)