Sunday, November 21, 2010

When censoring goes too far.

Everyone, meet Alan Cumming. He's an actor. Quite talented, in my opinion. Odds are, you've probably seen him in something. He keeps very busy and has a large body of work!

Now, since I am a huge fan of Victor Garber (seriously, get a load of this smile and tell me he doesn't look like he's the nicest guy in the world! Love him!)......about a year ago I purchased Disney's Annie...even though I much prefer the original. Today, I tried to sell the DVD on eBay...and here's what I ran into while posting the auction:They CENSORED Alan's last name! And sure, I realize that in a different context it's a "dirty" word, but come on now! I really wonder if Alan knows about this and if it's negatively affected his career.

I just tried searching for any items with his name in them on eBay and proper auctions DID come up with his name uncensored, so now I'm a little confused. But still thought it was worth mentioning.

(image credit imdb and my own eBay screencap, respectively.)


imfortyish said...

OMFG! Ridiculous!

FB @ said...

Well .. he can't help having the name he does for goodness sakes.

I like Alan a LOT, especially his role on The Good Wife. Absolutely spot on. Awesome acting.

imfortyish said...

FB totally love him on The Good Wife. I was so disappointed that he erased that voicemail from Will on her phone though! Boo!