Friday, December 31, 2010

As 2010 draws to a close...

I did super well with last years resolutions. Is it time to make some more? Let's see.

In addition to quitting smoking and eating meat, I also got rid of my microwave 6 months ago. It started off pretty simple. I was tired of hearing, "You can't microwave styrofoam, it'll give you cancer." and, "You can't microwave cling wrap, it'll give you cancer." Finally I just decided maybe this microwave isn't such a good thing, after all. And you know what? Google it. I actually JUST did some research on it, and it's true--microwaves are unbelievably dangerous. I'm glad mine is gone and wish I had disposed of it earlier.

I'll save you some time. Here's a summary of some results from Russian tests. (Russia, by the way, banned microwave ovens in 1975. I added the bold-face type.)

  • Microwaving prepared meats sufficiently to insure sanitary ingestion caused formation of d-Nitrosodienthanolamines, a well-known carcinogen. (Causes cancer.)
  • Microwaving milk and cereal grains converted some of their amino acids into carcinogens. (Causes cancer.)
  • Thawing frozen fruits converted their glucoside and galactoside containing fractions into carcinogenic substances. (Causes cancer.)
  • Extremely short exposure of raw, cooked or frozen vegetables converted their plant alkaloids into carcinogens. (Causes cancer.)
  • Carcinogenic free radicals were formed in microwaved plants, especially root vegetables. (Causes cancer.)
  • Decrease in nutritional value (May result in decreased immunity.)
In short? Microwaves are awful.

Sorry. Tangent.

My New Year's resolution is to keep doing what I'm doing. Stay healthy, take more vitamins... (side note, ladies, you only have until age 30 to build bone density. So if you aren't taking 1000 mg of Calcium plus D, you should start! I try to take mine every day, but can be forgetful.) more veggies, and definitely get more exercise. I want to finally get my dream bike and start going on at least one bike ride a week. Ideally, I'd like to join the yoga class that's next door to me, too, but that could get costly.

And, you know, the usual. Write more, edit more, submit more, get published. At least ONE thing. (But you know, two would be great. If I could double my numbers every year? It'd be pretty sweet.) Get into that awesome creative writing college. Do well in work and school.

...and get better about mailing packages.

(Seriously though, the universe is aligning against me mailing this package. The post office is closed when I leave for work and closed when I return home. I was snowed in on Monday, so that was no good. I went to the post office Tuesday on my lunch break and guess what? CLOSED. I even took a photo of it. Wednesday I had to work (I usually have it off and mail all packages on Wednesday!) and I was supposed to get out early today & was glad I could finally make it to the post office, but NOPE. Ended up staying at work until 5:30. I'm going to walk down to the post office tomorrow, but I bet it's going to be closed due to the holiday.)

Anyway. I'm trying. And very sorry. :(

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas haul...

Every Christmas Jay and I get tired of waiting and we usually cave and open gifts early.

Last year, we opened gifts VERY early--we literally opened one gift a day for most of the month of December, but then when Christmas morning rolled around, we had nothing to open. I think Jay was okay with this, but it made me a bit sad. So this year I was determined to wait until Christmas Day.

But...last night at midnight (officially Christmas Eve) we opened stockings. And today I got antsy and we decided to share a bottle of white wine and open gifts at 9 PM.

(I was in favor of this because it meant I got to sleep in the next day.)

Here's what I gave, and then what I got:

Gave Jay:

-IBC rootbeer (it's really hard to find! I had to track down a case of it.)
-Small box of chocolates
-Fruit snacks
-A compass for his car
-Arizona Iced Tea powder in a can (much more affordable than 99 cents for a glass!)
-Ninja bandaids
-A "delete" eraser (it looks like the delete key on a computer)
-Can opener rings, because we always find ourselves out and about without a can opener!
-Sleepytime tea
-A book on video game careers
-A 8 bit tie from Thinkgeek
-An Xbox remote (it controls both the Xbox and the television--great for when we don't want to wait for the controller to come out of "sleep" mode!)
-Apple crisp mix and a bag of apples (because he's been craving apple cobbler FOREVER.)
-The Halo Encyclopedia.

(Not bad for a $100 spending limit, right? I shopping mostly online and was able to get some great deals on eBay especially!)

Here's what I got:

-Toiletries (lip balm, lotion, shower gel, a toothbrush)
-Chinese Mary Janes (he gave these to me early because he didn't have anywhere to put them--I've been wearing them for about three days so far and I loove them!)
-A ton of different scented candles
-$60 in gift cards to Charlotte Russe
-$15 in gift cards to Starbucks
-A knitted sweater dress

My mom also gave us four lottery tickets a piece, but unfortunately we didn't win anything :(

What did you all get?? :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Don't stay silent.

(actual personalized post card I'm sending to my stylist, Sarah.)

I am learning as of late that I no longer believe in keeping things to myself. Life's too short to hold your tongue.
That being said, I'm not going to go up to someone and tell them to go jump off a bridge or anything of that nature. It's mostly good things I'm spreading.

By post.

The act of sending and receiving an actual physical letter, card or postcard has a psychological benefit that opening an email doesn't. I mean, just think of how many emails you get a day! I probably get at least 50. And in this technological world, a lot of times I'll open an email and not even remember to respond. Isn't that sad? But think of how sad you are to go to your physical mailbox everyday and to find it empty. Or even worse, to find it full of bills, and only bills. (Yep, that's what my mailbox looks like, too!)

I've been stocking up on postcards (I found 10 for a dollar at Job Lot!) and sending them out just because. My best friend helped me through a tough time over the telephone. She got a thank you post card. My stylist just gave me an amazing haircut. She's getting a postcard. And a number of months ago I even sent out a letter to a guy from my past, clearing up some...well, let's just say he was moving across the country and I decided things were better not left unsaid. (I didn't get a reply, so I'm assuming he thought things were better left unsaid. Which is okay too, but personally I feel better knowing I'm not living with secrets.)

I digress. My point is, getting postal mail feels good. It's this little jolt of ooh, someone was thinking of me! followed immediately by: wow, someone was thinking of me enough to actually put some effort in! This is a bit of my own pay-it-forward project. I'm sending out postcards when I see fit, and hopefully one day other people will send postcards too.

Let's give those lazy postal workers* something to do, people! :)

*I'm just kidding. I know a postal worker and he is far from lazy. But I do see the post becoming extinct one day. We already have UPS and FedEx for our packages, and most bills give you the option of "going paperless". So perhaps this should be our way of keeping it in business!

Do you send "just because" postal mail? If not, will you start?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


1. I am blogging from work. And I've been drinking. (It's okay, it was a holiday party!) My power cord to my laptop at home is dead, so you might not hear from me until Monday or Tuesday when my new one arrives.

2. I feel very guilty because I MISSED my window to mail out my giveaway! I meant to get it ot the lovely imfortyish before Christmas...but here it is the 22nd and it's STILL not been posted! Ugh! I apologize. (When I told my boss this, he responded with, "You know there's a post office in our building, right? Just downstairs?" I did NOT! Ugh!) I promise I will get it out soon. :(

3. I will have SUCH a backlog of Real*Love entries once I get my computer back!!! I already have about 10 links of adorable things I'm lusting over!

Other than this, I hope everyone has themselves a very merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate!) and gets everything they want!! I will update soon with my haul :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy early Holidays!

One of my long-distance best friends came home for the holidays this weekend. It was so great (and also a surprise! I only knew about it a couple of days in advance!) to see her, even for a short time.

We watched Christmas movies (sort of...we really just talked through them. But what else would you expect from girls who never get to see each other?), had some dinner...I had some Riesling by the fire...(and did I mention I've become a total lightweight? Only two glasses and I was feeling it!)
And we played Cash Cab with her family. (It's terribly dumbed-down! We only got one answer wrong and that was due mainly to Katie's misplaced confidence, and the confusing of the words "China" and "Japan"...all the while myself and her brother were whispering, "Katie, wait, isn't it Japan?" But she was just SO confident that we went with her gut reaction!)

We followed the evening up with a trip to a nearby cul-de-sac that puts on a light show/Christmas village type thing. It's totally cute (and free!) and is becoming somewhat of a tradition for Katie and I. Next time I'll have to bring my actual camera, as my cell phone failed at getting any decent shots.

So, now I'm ready for Christmas! This little pre-Christmas weekend totally got me in the mood. Bring it on!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Giveaway result!!!

I used the random number generator at and the winner is...

entry number one, imfortyish!

Congrats! You can shoot me an email with your address to ARTWonderland [at] gmail [dot] com, and I'll get the pretty dress out in the mail to you tomorrow! :)

Everyone else, stay tuned. I have another Korean article of clothing to give away, but I think I'll wait until the end of January for that one. :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My first GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone!

With Christmas coming up, it's the perfect time to hold my first ever giveaway.

You see, I am completely in love with Korean fashion. Their dresses are just about the cutest thing ever. BUT, I am blessed with two things most Korean girls must not be: boobs and hips.

Because of these, I find it difficult to wear most of the Korean styles I lust over and buy on eBay.

What I have to offer you right now is a chiffon dress from the Korean clothing company MisoMiso:
(The one I am giving away is black, not pink. I couldn't find a photo of the black version.)

It is a size large and still has the tags on. I've only tried it on once, and that was enough for me to realize it just wouldn't work on my body type. I recommend it to someone who is pretty small up top (I'm a 36B, for reference) and hip-wise. (Not sure the exact measure of my hips, but I wear a size 10 or 11 jeans.)

So if you're smaller than I am, you are in luck.

To enter this contest, there are two steps:

1. Like me on Facebook. (The link is here, or you could click the widget that's on the upper right on my front page.)

2. Leave me a comment and let me know you've "liked" me, and that you want to be entered!

I will pick a winner on Friday the 17th and mail out the dress on Friday the 18th, so you should hopefully get it for Christmas!

Good luck!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Find me on Facebook!

For those of you who use an RSS feed or a Google reader, this is just a heads up that I've created a Facebook page for this blog/me!

If you want to "like" me (and please do, because it currently says that zero people like me...which is not fun for my self esteem!) just visit my blog and click the "like" button. It's near the upper right hand corner.

I'll update that Facebook page whenever I have something to say that might not quite be blog-worthy.

See you there!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Not even halfway through the week yet and I am struggling with the first real cold I've had all year.

It's not awful, except some of the side effects are ridiculous. I have what I can only assume is a swollen lymph node (I've never had one before) and it's almost completely deformed the left side of my face. I swear to god, I'm afraid this will never go away and I'll be left looking like the elephant man forever.
(This photo may appear entirely normal, but my jaw is NOT normally that round--that's where the swelling is. Ick.)

Other than that, I'm not coughing or sneezing or anything of that nature. I go from feeling okay (from when I first wake up until about 11:00 AM) to feeling like death warmed over. Currently, I'm on my lunch break and cannot decide if I'm going to pass out or hurl.

Yesterday my face was all flushed and I was alternatively cold and hot, so I took my temperature--a perfect 98.6. Weird.

This wouldn't matter to me if I wasn't so goddamned busy. I have a transcription file that I tried to get through last night but wasn't able to. I'm trying to do it on my lunch break but it's too damn loud in this cafeteria. I also have a writing group meeting tonight, so I'll be going straight there from work. Then, I'll hurry home (and be home for 9:30 PM!) to finish this transcription file.

Logically, I should probably go home and get some extra sleep right now. But I won't. I can't miss any more work (I'm out of sick/vacation time.) and this writing group is a luxury--we only meet once a month and I always look forward to it. There's no way I can miss it.

So I will push on. Thank goodness I have tomorrow off. I hope I can sleep off this sickness!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Really, Coco?

"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." -Coco Chanel

Although in most instances I think Coco was a genius, I really do have to disagree with this. I used to wear perfume religiously--every day. Wouldn't leave the house without a spritz or two.

But when I started reading all about the dangers of perfume, my interest in the stuff started waning. I do still have a bottle kicking around here somewhere--but I use it only for a special occasions or if I haven't been able to squeeze in a shower and maybe feel a bit self conscious. (Hey, it happens to the best of us. Don't judge me.)

Plus, quite frankly most of the women I pass who wear perfume wear far, far too much of it. And it doesn't smell good! It's suffocating and just...gross. Really. I don't see how that's the sign of having a future--unless these stinky women just keep getting promoted and promoted so that no one has to smell them all day.


Household Edition!

1. To say that I hate to do dishes is an understatement. Old soggy food, gross dishwater and wrinkly hands--complete with a ruined manicure? No, thank you. BUT, I might reconsider if I had a pair of these super cute dish gloves. This site here has SO many different options that I could never pick just one pair! I may eventually get one...just in case. Rubber gloves always come in handy, right?
2. How much do you spend on your toothbrush? The last time I went to CVS, I was shocked at the prices. What happened to 99 cents? Luckily I have found an awesome solution. The Preserve toothbrush costs as little as $2.99--but here's the really great part. It's not only made from recycled yogurt cups (and comes with an envelope so that you can mail it back to the company for recycling!) but they also have a "toothbrush subscription program" so that you'll get a new toothbrush mailed to you when it's time to recycle your old one. (Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months, after a cold or flu, or when the bristles show signs of wear.) When's the last time you replaced your brush? I know it's been way too long in my case. I can't wait to get my Preserve Toothbrush in the mail!
3. This super cute countertop dishwasher would be a pretty good addition to any tiny apartment that can't fit a normal dishwasher for whatever reason. Apparently it can fit a good amount of dishes, too--perfect for someone living alone or a couple.4. This is by far my favorite invention. For the price of one washer and one dryer, you can buy this LG Washer/Dryer Combo. The best parts? It doesn't need an external vent--so it's great for small apartments. The really big bonus as far as I'm concerned is the fact that you put in your laundry and soap and just leave it. When you come back not only is your laundry washed, it's also DRIED. The only thing better would be if a machine folded my laundry and hung it up for me too! Seriously, I want one of these pretty bad. It beats lugging shit to the laundry room (with machines that never quite dry fully) or across the street to the laundromat (which can get pricey!)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So. Freaking. EXCITED!

I just have to share this with someone. I have that crazy excitement that just can't be contained!

As you all may know, I love, love, love Bright Eyes.

I was also severely bummed out about six months ago when I searched for tour dates and came up with nothing. I realized it had been years since they toured, and all the documentation I could find made it sound like they had broken up.

I was so upset. I wanted so badly to see them in concert, but it was just my luck that they would have stopped performing.

...guess who has a ticket to see Bright Eyes in ORCHESTRA seats at the RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL?!

That's right! I do!

For their LAST WORLD TOUR before they break up forever.

I'm so freaking excited (obviously) and the concert is in Radio City Music Hall, which I love (due to watching the original Annie over and over as a child!) but have never been inside!

Now I cannot wait for March! Fun fact: I haven't been to a concert since 2006! That'll be FIVE years! Much too long.