Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas haul...

Every Christmas Jay and I get tired of waiting and we usually cave and open gifts early.

Last year, we opened gifts VERY early--we literally opened one gift a day for most of the month of December, but then when Christmas morning rolled around, we had nothing to open. I think Jay was okay with this, but it made me a bit sad. So this year I was determined to wait until Christmas Day.

But...last night at midnight (officially Christmas Eve) we opened stockings. And today I got antsy and we decided to share a bottle of white wine and open gifts at 9 PM.

(I was in favor of this because it meant I got to sleep in the next day.)

Here's what I gave, and then what I got:

Gave Jay:

-IBC rootbeer (it's really hard to find! I had to track down a case of it.)
-Small box of chocolates
-Fruit snacks
-A compass for his car
-Arizona Iced Tea powder in a can (much more affordable than 99 cents for a glass!)
-Ninja bandaids
-A "delete" eraser (it looks like the delete key on a computer)
-Can opener rings, because we always find ourselves out and about without a can opener!
-Sleepytime tea
-A book on video game careers
-A 8 bit tie from Thinkgeek
-An Xbox remote (it controls both the Xbox and the television--great for when we don't want to wait for the controller to come out of "sleep" mode!)
-Apple crisp mix and a bag of apples (because he's been craving apple cobbler FOREVER.)
-The Halo Encyclopedia.

(Not bad for a $100 spending limit, right? I shopping mostly online and was able to get some great deals on eBay especially!)

Here's what I got:

-Toiletries (lip balm, lotion, shower gel, a toothbrush)
-Chinese Mary Janes (he gave these to me early because he didn't have anywhere to put them--I've been wearing them for about three days so far and I loove them!)
-A ton of different scented candles
-$60 in gift cards to Charlotte Russe
-$15 in gift cards to Starbucks
-A knitted sweater dress

My mom also gave us four lottery tickets a piece, but unfortunately we didn't win anything :(

What did you all get?? :D

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